Faculty gets ready for summer fun

The Fetterley family enjoy their time at DIsneyland. The family decided to go to Disneyland while on a summer trip in France last summer.

Taylor Potter, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2019

The school year is coming to an end and the summer is coming closer. As it comes to an end, students and teachers will be enjoying and doing different activities this summer. Christy Greene (faculty) will be going to the beach with her family. “I am excited because I will not have two college gr...

Senior’s plans for after graduation

The beach is a popular destination for those traveling during the summer.

Jabahri Asbury

April 26, 2019

Graduation is coming soon, and there are usually a lot of celebrations around this time because graduation is a very joyful event. A high school graduate usually does something special after graduation, like holding a party or a vacation with family or friends. After interviewing some students, here are t...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Christina Wynn

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Christina Wynn

Jackson Carlstrom, Co-Editor

April 17, 2019

As summer is inching closer and closer, students are looking to the next few months of summer vacation. For many, summer vacation is a time of relaxation, a time full of traveling with family and going out and making memories at the beach or Disney World. For Christina Wynn (11), this year’s summer vacatio...

Some of the best things about summertime

Some of the best things about summertime

Jessica Palmer, Staff Reporter

April 11, 2019

Summertime is arguably the best season of the year. While everyone might not agree, I think that summer is amazing and here is why: Being in the water. Whether it is the beach, the lake or a pool, nothing beats being in the water when it is hot outside. Spending the day on the water is one of my...

The summer before everything changes

The countdown begins! The class of 2019 is counting down their last days of school to prepare for their last Summer together before college.

Chloe Jolley, Staff Reporter

March 13, 2019

It is almost here. The last Summer before college. Only a couple of more months left until everyone moves off and starts their new lives. Everyone has ideas of what to do before they leave, and some create a bucket list. A lot of seniors want to make this the best summer ever and do as much as possible...

The Countdown Begins

The countdown for Seniors begins! Students all around campus are counting down the days for Spring Break, Prom, and Graduation.

Chloe Jolley, Staff Reporter

January 6, 2019

As the New Year starts, many Lee County seniors are ready for the things that are coming up. There are many exciting things coming up that conclude the year, and things that a lot of people look forward to. Some of the most exciting that are coming up include: Spring Break, Prom, and of course Graduati...

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