The Tiktok Trend

The Tiktok Trend

Haley Lokey, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2020

Teens seem to have a new "big thing" every month. Over time, trends have come and go but one in particular has become very popular over the last year: tiktok. This social media app comprises of millions of short videos ranging from trending dances to funny voice overs that creators put out. Many people...

YouTube and chill

Trojan 19 yearbook staff members working hard to tell the story of the school year and include every student.

Gage Fordham, Staff Reporter

April 9, 2019

Forget Netflix and chill, what about YouTube and chill? YouTube is a video-sharing platform and their numbers have grown in the past few years. They rank 2nd for most used social network and search engine. With 19 billion users on the site, each one can watch hours of videos for education or just en...

The truth behind technology

The truth behind technology

Jessica Palmer, Staff Reporter

March 18, 2019

Social media is not a new thing. However, the growth in its popularity is. Many people use social media and while it can be a very good tool it has its negative effects also. The growth in popularity has also caused a growth in cyber bullying. While many are trying to fight against bullying in sch...


Cor Neesia Taylor, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2019

It is difficult to imagine a time without cell phones connecting people across the city, country, and world. The mobile phone is now a part of popular customs. New customs, rituals and routines are developing around what is being used everyday. Cell phones have changed how we communicate. Earlier stu...

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