The Story of Lee County High School

Students at LCHS have been mindful for many generations due to their time and hard work they take each day. It is a treasure to be around people who have one thing in common: a passion for Lee County.

Ella Faircloth, Staff Reporter

March 2, 2020

"Nestled in the fields of Georgia, 'Neath the skies so blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater, Known to all but few" These words have been sung by students of Lee County High School for so many years, yet in three different locations. While many of our traditions have remained the same for the...

New art displays

A totem consisting of a fox, dragon, eagle, lion and rhino sits in the 600 hall. This totem was created by one of the students of Megan Lisenby's art class.

E.J. Walker, Staff Reporter

November 20, 2019

In the 600 Hall of the high school, the new art displays incorporate art from the sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the school. Megan Lisenby (Faculty), the art teacher for the school, allows the students of her art class to show their art to their classmates. These displays give the art students...

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