Trendy things to do on Halloween

One of the fall activities that is most common throughout the Thanksgiving season is pumpkin picking. People from all over gathered around to get their pumpkins from Mark's Melon Patch.  Acevedo said,

Jackson Carlstrom, Staff Reporter

November 1, 2019

Halloween is coming right around the corner, and people are getting ready for the end of the month with parties, candy, and several other activities. There are plenty of ways students are spending Halloween this year. “I don’t have anything too special planned for Halloween,” Jordan Kirksey (11...

Digging into Halloween history

On Halloween afternoon , Victoria Drury (11), Chloe Poole (11), Reese Hamsley (11), Nic Gowdy (11), Ashley James (11) and Austin Sconyers (11) dressed up. The trick-or-treaters enjoyed the holiday together having fun doing many popular festivities.

Donovan Robertson, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2019

Halloween: a time when children play merrily, disguised in creepy or cute costumes, with buckets in hand and candy-craving hunger. A day where many adults celebrate a night of thrills and horror. People all around the US get festive and let their inner Halloween-loving spirit loose to get down and bo...

Halloween candy

Pictured here are some of the top Halloween candies.  In the Panoptic poll, some of the top Halloween candy was Reese's and the controversial candy corn. Kayah May, who took the poll said,

Jordyn Denham, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2019

Some people believe that the best parts of Halloween are haunted houses, scary movies, or even dressing up, but the real best part is the candy! Trick or treaters may enjoy dressing up like Spiderman or their favorite princess just as much as getting their plastic pumpkin filled with goodies, but whe...

Dressing up for Halloween

Our two mr. Cleans, John Wanner, and Paul Blais dress up for twin day. On twin day Blais and Wanner dressed in Mr. Clean costumes.

Nicholas Natoli, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2019

Trick or treating is a Halloween tradition for small children, and a very exciting thing to do when people like to do when they are young. As people grow older, some people stop, and some people think you grow to old to trick or treat. Shannon Glass (10) thinks that nobody is too old to dress up. “Dressing...

Lights, camera, Halloween!

Come to AMC theaters to view the latest Halloween releases.  Halloween is a spooky time for everyone, so why not make it better by settling down and watching a good movie. The Addams family is a great one to watch for a fun movie night!

Jacob Montgomery, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2019

Halloween is a time for scary costumes, sweet treats, and late-night movies. Over the years Halloween movies have covered the scary and the family-friendly. When the temperature starts to drop it is a good idea to bundle up in the warmest clothes and watch a classic Halloween movie. Whether it...

Trick or treat — or not

Don't lose your head. People go trick-or-treating during Halloween in hopes of gaining candy.  However, people believe that there is an age limit that prevent people from trick or treating. As Darren Clanton (12) says

Carlin Garey, Shorts Editor

November 2, 2018

Halloween is a time for people to enjoy a day off with the family and consume candy until they can no longer. Thirty percent of people in America participate in trick or treating with their loved ones so they can enjoy the holiday for what it is. However, the other 70 percent believe that they are t...

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