AP Psychology “egg”speriment cracks students up

With just a few minutes and a Sharpie, a once bare egg transforms into a child with it's own personality. Each student's egg was completely different, just like people in real life.

Hannah Elliott, Co-Editor

November 20, 2019

Kate Rowan (Faculty)’s AP Psychology classes were assigned a project in which they were to carry around an egg, plastic or real, for a week. The egg was to be treated like a child in order to apply knowledge of developmental patterns in humans.  Each day of the week represented a different stage ...

Forensic footprints

This is the footprint as it is hardening after the students make the cast. “This was a fun experiment that everyone should try” Carlee Norman (12). This is an excellent way to show how the real scientist do it, and a good way to feel how it is done.

Chloe Jolley, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2019

In Mrs. Watson’s class, there is an experiment being done to demonstrate how footprints are being taken up. This lab helps show how the process is followed through, and the process of how forensic scientist do take up footprints from a crime scene. “This lab helps me see how the process i...

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