Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Arwyn Kovach

With another piece of artwork to add to the collection, Arwyn Kovach (11) takes on a multi-panel work of artistic production.  However, when it came to her perception of art, it was not Kovach’s main style or goal.  “My goal is that I want to fully accomplish realism. When I try to draw people they look as real as I like. I want them to be more realistic. I want to master that,” Kovach said.  “My dream project would be working with clay to sculpt an actual person, I love doing the actual muscles of a person and I want to capture that in a sculpture. My main dream is to sculpt a giant Greek statue out of clay.”

Erin Epperson, Victoria Drury, Donovan Robertson, and Rachel Ward

October 15, 2019

With seemingly a million paintings and drawings, Arwyn Kovach (11) surprised many with her style of creativity.  From class, most know her as the girl who draws, a lot, but there is much more than what meets the eye.  When people look past the doodles and drawings in class they find a very unique ar...

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