The costs of being a senior

Found on 100 hall, these white gowns are a commitment to graduating. These have been a tradition for LCHS students and truly shows determination.

Jacob Montgomery, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2020

Senior year can be different for different people. Some will say that year was the highlight of their high school career. Others will relate by saying that it was like any other year. Some do not want to leave their friends behind and find it in sad in a way. "I really look forward to graduation," James Hopson ...

Guidelines for the class of 2020

Katie Burch (12), Mackenzie Briggs (12), Chloe Hayes (12), Cody Reeves (12), Amberly Kimbrel (12), and Lea Hatcher (12) capturing senior picture day.

Amberly Kimbrel, Staff Reporter

May 3, 2019

As the class of 2019 end their journey through high school, they leave a list of guidelines and tips for the class of 2020.  This will be your busiest year, so be ready. Be prepared to work hard and stay focused and: Get involved, whether it is  through clubs,  sports,  school trips, etc. Ge...

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