On Meme Day many participants dressed as the new mainstream trend: VSCO girl. Kyleigh Watson (10) is one of those participants and stated, No, I am not a VSCO girl. I don't use the app, I dressed up as one because it was a quick, easy, and cute costume idea. I also don't say 'sksksks' and 'I oop.'

Donovan Robertson and Nicholas Natoli

November 14, 2019

With VSCO girls becoming the latest trends, many people find themselves asking, "Am I a VSCO girl?" Only you know the real answer, but this quiz can help you get a basic understanding of what a stereotypical VSCO girl really is. Answer the following questions, and remember the points given for each answer. Do you use...

Lee county wins the Trojan war again

Wing Green (12) going on the offensive block to prevent LCA from tackling the ball carrier. He successfully kept the Eagle’s defense from taking down the Trojan. “We have worked all summer to get better at our jobs on the field and all this work will lead to the goal that we want to achieve,” Austin Beaver (12) said.

Georgia Miller, Editor-In-Chief

November 13, 2019

The Lee and Coffee Trojans have come together once again to play for a title, this time it is the region 6A title that determines how each team will continue in pursuit of the state championship.  The captains take the field and Lee wins the coin toss elect to receive. The game is off to a fast sta...

One Act takes third

The cast comes together on stage to act out the play, The Last Illusion, practicing before heading to their competition. One Act is a competitive theatre competition that Lee County participates in every year. Wyatt Wynn (10) said,

Georgia Miller, Editor-In-Chief

November 4, 2019

The One Act play was titled The Last Illusion and the show displayed the thoughts that went through Houdini’s and his loved one’s minds as he faced death and lost the battle. One Act is a theatrical competition involving several schools in 2A to 7A. According to the Georgia High School Association...

The technical side of music

The new music tech class works on the set for the upcoming chorus concert. This class focused on how to produce music this past nine weeks.

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

November 1, 2019

On top of two very successful music programs, the school has now added a third option; music technology. This class is open to all students on the main campus and is helping to expand both the choir and band programs by releasing videos and pictures to the internet. The students that participate in...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Pilcher Thornton

In his home studio, Pilcher Thornton (12) spits out a unique freestyle on the spot. Thornton found a way to form a connection with others around the world through his songs. “I have gotten a taste of what I can do,” Thornton said. “The numbers I put out in such a short time - I’m trying to just grow that.”

Hannah Elliott, Tye Smith, and Haley Lokey

October 20, 2019

Having to keep up with school work is a universal student struggle. It always feels like there is not enough time in the day to complete assignments. Pilcher Thornton (12) manages to successfully complete college assignments, play golf, and even manage a rap career all while being a high school seni...

Learning more about the AP Capstone

The students in 5th period AP Research are working on their outline to form the basis of their introductions. Students have been working on their research topic and finding how exactly they want to format their paper. Sophia Lin (11) said

Victoria Drury, Staff Reporter

October 18, 2019

Just last year, the high school began to offer the class AP Seminar to rising sophomores that wanted a rigorous class incorporating both literature and research. At the beginning of the second semester, students began the different parts of the AP exam, which consists of a team project and presentation...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Hunter Hammond

Hunter Hammond (10) flips through a book to find the information he needs in the media center. Hammond always worked hard in and out of his classes. “Checking in books for information has become a habit, but it works,” Hammond said.

Tyson Baker, Dyamond Davis, and Landria Rollins

October 15, 2019

Here at this school, there are many students involved in honors or AP (advanced placement) courses. Among the students, is Hunter Hammond (10), a student with a full load of AP/advanced classes. He has been a student in the Lee County School System his whole life, and began taking advanced classes as soon ...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Arwyn Kovach

With another piece of artwork to add to the collection, Arwyn Kovach (11) takes on a multi-panel work of artistic production.  However, when it came to her perception of art, it was not Kovach’s main style or goal.  “My goal is that I want to fully accomplish realism. When I try to draw people they look as real as I like. I want them to be more realistic. I want to master that,” Kovach said.  “My dream project would be working with clay to sculpt an actual person, I love doing the actual muscles of a person and I want to capture that in a sculpture. My main dream is to sculpt a giant Greek statue out of clay.”

Erin Epperson, Victoria Drury, Donovan Robertson, and Rachel Ward

October 15, 2019

With seemingly a million paintings and drawings, Arwyn Kovach (11) surprised many with her style of creativity.  From class, most know her as the girl who draws, a lot, but there is much more than what meets the eye.  When people look past the doodles and drawings in class they find a very unique ar...

Twisted Timbers

Tucker throws an axe to stick the bullseye. A partial owner demonstrated his skills at axe throwing at Twisted Timbers. Josh Tucker said,

Tye Smith, staff reporter

October 10, 2019

Twisted Timbers is a new hangout in Albany, Georgia. Thanks to Branon Pate, Erin Pate, Courtney McCoy and Josh Tucker, the owners, there is a new place to go, throw axes and hang out. It is an original company and not part of a franchise. It was started when “ we were watching the World Axe Throwing Lea...

Humans of Lee: Up close and Personal with Shakia Spence

Holding Zurri, Shakia Spense (12) enjoys spending precious time with Zurri. Spense had her baby at the age of fifteen and loves every day with Zurri. “My life has changed so much because I now have something to live for.”

Rhiannon Belcher, Avigail Wainright, and Kirey Simmons

October 10, 2019

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Shakia Spence Podcast Shakia Spence (12) became pregnant at fifteen. Her daughter is now a very loved member of the family at one year old. Spence and the father knew of the pregnancy very early on, though she kept the news from people in fear of being seen differen...

By the Numbers: “Joker” movie facing backlash for gun violence

“Joker” is set to release in theaters on October 4. The movie, while heavily anticipated by fans, has faced backlash online and from the media for its portrayal of violence and the sympathizing of its titular character despite many parallels towards the protagonist and mass shooters in America today.

Jackson Carlstrom, Staff Reporter

October 2, 2019

Warner Brother's upcoming “Joker” film was surrounded with discussion and anticipation from the moment it was announced. The movie, to be released on October 4, is the first R-rated live action Batman franchise film, and takes a unique spin from the rest of the Batman movies, highlighting the Joker...

Trojans take down the Patriots in a blowout

James Hopson (12) makes the stretch to the end zone while depending on his team to hold back the Patriot’s defense as he goes in for a touchdown. “When I am in the game, I feel like nothing else matters,” Caleb Harris (11) said. “it becomes quiet it's all about my brothers and the whole team that's got my back.”

Georgia Miller, Editor-In-Chief

September 24, 2019

As the stands filled up on Friday night and the stadium lights came on, no one knew what was in store for the Southwest Macon Patriots. The game becomes exciting from the first two seconds and continues that way throughout all four quarters. Preston Simmons (11) makes the first touchdown by way o...

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