Chorus winter concert

Chorus winter concert

Victoria Drury, Staff Reporter

December 18, 2019

The chorus winter concert is on December 19th, and it is different from the rest in an exciting way. Every year beforehand after the solos and trios performed, chorus director Bradly Bunce (Faculty) would determine which students would represent the school at the literary competition. Now, as chorus c...

Theatre across the country

ITO Keith Peacock (12) basks in the limelight as plays the role of Harry Houdini in

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

December 9, 2019

This past summer, one student made history in not only the theatre department, but in southwest Georgia. Keith Peacock (12) was named as International Thespian Officer (ITO) for the state of Georgia, being the first one to come from Lee County. The purpose of his job is to promote theatre across the count...

Pop Art: An eye-popping style

Selena Cortez's painted her project to emulate a fashion magazine. She was daunted by the style at first but ended with a project she liked along with her friends. Cortez said

Kirey Simmons, Reporter

December 9, 2019

Pop art is an art style that emerged in the 1950's and is largely based off of common commercial and pop culture. According to Plus One Gallery, pop artists painted with emotional detachment and injected irony and wit into their paintings. This is atypical for the time because many artists were still ...

New art displays

A totem consisting of a fox, dragon, eagle, lion and rhino sits in the 600 hall. This totem was created by one of the students of Megan Lisenby's art class.

E.J. Walker, Staff Reporter

November 20, 2019

In the 600 Hall of the high school, the new art displays incorporate art from the sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the school. Megan Lisenby (Faculty), the art teacher for the school, allows the students of her art class to show their art to their classmates. These displays give the art students...

One Act takes third

The cast comes together on stage to act out the play, The Last Illusion, practicing before heading to their competition. One Act is a competitive theatre competition that Lee County participates in every year. Wyatt Wynn (10) said,

Georgia Miller, Editor-In-Chief

November 4, 2019

The One Act play was titled The Last Illusion and the show displayed the thoughts that went through Houdini’s and his loved one’s minds as he faced death and lost the battle. One Act is a theatrical competition involving several schools in 2A to 7A. According to the Georgia High School Association...

The technical side of music

The new music tech class works on the set for the upcoming chorus concert. This class focused on how to produce music this past nine weeks.

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

November 1, 2019

On top of two very successful music programs, the school has now added a third option; music technology. This class is open to all students on the main campus and is helping to expand both the choir and band programs by releasing videos and pictures to the internet. The students that participate in...

Lisenby Paints A New Color

Megan Lisenby shares her story of the painted chair while she holds her three-eared monkey Van Gogh.
It was the summer of this year that Lisenby painted her chair inspired by Van Gogh's

Donovan Robertson, Staff Reporter

September 13, 2019

Those who come into Megan Lisenby’s (Faculty) art room of the 600 hall enter a novice and leave more masterful and confident. Lisenby, the new art teacher on campus shares information on what it was like to re-enter the school as a teacher instead of a student some years ago.  As a former student, Li...

Disney’s “High School Musical” to play at Main Street Dawson Theater

Director Andrew Miller garners attention from the cast of Disney's

Ella Faircloth, Staff Reporter

September 11, 2019

At the Dawson Main Street Theater, excitement has been brewing for weeks. A production of “High School Musical,” based on the Disney Channel Original Movie of the same name, will be playing there later this month. Lauren Miller (10) and Jude Mullins (11), two of the cast members from LCHS, have been pre...

Chapman fills big shoes in theater department

Rehearsing for what seems the millionth time, Gracie Van Brackle (12) and Logann Morrison (12) try hard to keep from bursting out in laughter. The cast rehearses for at least one hour every day to make sure that their play goes on smoothly.

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

September 11, 2019

This school year marked the beginning of a new era for the theatre department. Hannah Chapman (faculty) has a big challenge ahead of her following the departure of the Davis'. The Davis' left behind some big shoes to fill and Chapman is ready take on this new challenge. For 29 years, the theatre d...

Lisenby makes a colorful entrance

Lisenby makes a colorful entrance

Jordyn Denham

September 5, 2019

Lee County Elementary School students and teachers are excited to have a new and inspirational mural on their walls. Megan Lisenby (faculty), a first year art teacher and graduate of Lee County High School, returned to the school she once served as a paraprofessional to create this work of art. Lisenby said, “I h...

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