Trojan Perk

Our own Trojan Perk is a very nice school store. This is the sign on the entrance to the store. The overseer of the store, Mrs. Champion, said

Nicholas Natoli, Staff Reporter

March 11, 2020

The Trojan Perk is our school's very own store, and opens at lunch every day. The Perk has a variety of products and just expanded to selling yogurt Dippin' Dots. When i asked Mrs. Champion, the Overseer of the store, if the Perk would be getting new items she said "We don’t currently have any new ...

The best place to eat after prom

Pictured here is the Waffle House here in Albany, GA. Waffle house was voted as the top place to eat after prom. Jeffrey Bryan (11) said,

Jordyn Denham, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2020

Deciding where to eat after prom can be a very difficult decision. Some of the top places to eat after prom are McDonald's, IHOP, and Waffle House. There was a Panoptic Poll over where students would rather go to eat after prom.  Raven Bone (11) said, “ I’d rather go to Waffle House after prom rather t...

What awaits for the class of 2020?

Ellie Gervero (12) plans on pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. specifically majoring in nursing.

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

March 3, 2020

After the tassels have been turned, the infamous question remains for the recent graduates; what does the future hold? For many, this question will remain unanswered until college hits. Mainly because they were unable to find their true passion throughout high school, which is totally normal. Fortun...

The Story of Lee County High School

Students at LCHS have been mindful for many generations due to their time and hard work they take each day. It is a treasure to be around people who have one thing in common: a passion for Lee County.

Ella Faircloth, Staff Reporter

March 2, 2020

"Nestled in the fields of Georgia, 'Neath the skies so blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater, Known to all but few" These words have been sung by students of Lee County High School for so many years, yet in three different locations. While many of our traditions have remained the same for the...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Kelly Kennedy

Peering behind the acclaimed red curtain 
in the auditorium Kelly Kennedy shows one of her many passions. Kennedy is enthusiastic about theater and is thrilled to be a part of TAG.

Jacob Montgomery, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2020

Kelly Kennedy (10) is involved in many things around the school such as the Theater Arts Guild, Chorus, and Advanced/Honors classes. "Kelly is one of those students we (teachers) wish we could teach all three of the years that are spent at LCHS," Dr. Deborah Baltenburger (Faculty) said. "She's excep...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Paris Biery

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Paris Biery

Rachel Ward, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2020

Paris Biery (10) has had one pretty incredible life for a high school student. Behind the scenes of a regular school day, she goes above and beyond to excel at her extra curricular activities outside of school. To her, however, these are more than just activities, it's her passion. Biery has been nationally reco...

Summing up the Super Bowl

Summing up the Super Bowl

Avigail Wainright, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2020

The Super Bowl is the National Football League (NFL) championship, played every year between the champions of the National and American Football conferences. The game is always played in a different location every year on a Sunday, known as Super Bowl Sunday. According to Bob Carroll, “Super Bowl Amer...

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Breanna Pollock

Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Breanna Pollock

Hannah Elliott, Co-Editor

February 4, 2020

There are many ways to be involved on campus. There are many sports and clubs available to students depending on their interests. Breanna Pollock (12) has spent all of her high school years dedicated to her favorite hobbies. Dancing has always caught the attention of Pollock; she started dancing at the young age o...

Trends of Winter 2020

Breanna Weathersby (10) and Hailey Causey (10) are both wearing a type of teddy jacket. The two are big fans of teddy coats. “I like teddy jackets because they are very comfortable,” Weathersby said.

Jordyn Denham, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2020

Every season brings fashion and current event trends, and winter is certainly no different. On the fashion front, teddy coats are very popular. The trend started back in 2016, but has only recently gained popularity. The jacket is extremely popular among teens. It started becoming more popular when cele...

The carnies of AMDM

Alexis Hall is managing her station as her partner leaves to try out other games provided by the seniors of Mrs. Greene's math class. Several sophomores play Alexis's and her partner's game determined to win. Alexis said,

Donovan Robertson, Staff Reporter

January 25, 2020

Step right up folks to the AMDM Carnival. A place to play games and win prizes, as well as learn about probability. The carnies of AMDM have specially prepared entertainment for all participants. Christy Greene’s (faculty) senior classes set up games for kids from different math classes. Several...

How to study and prepare for the SAT

Pictured here is a study guide for the SAT. Students taking the test may want to purchase a book to practice. Sydney Bryan, who is taking the upcoming SAT said, “I take practice quizzes every day to prepare for the SAT.”

Jordyn Denham, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2019

Most people find it difficult to study when they have an upcoming test. This especially applies to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). With the test coming up very soon here are some tips to help you on the test and improve your study habits.  Step 1. First up,  read up on the SAT information. Know where t...

Conformity: The games of the mind

Leaving the first class meeting of the year, Chauncey Magwood (11) and Smith Pinson (11)  talk about the meeting lightheartedly.

Kirey Simmons, Staff Reporter

November 4, 2019

People are inclined to stick with a group; to be with others and avoid being different. There have been many experiments on the reason and regularity of conformity.  One of the more largely known experiments was performed by Solomon Asch. In these trials, there is a group of actors which are told to give a cer...

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