Season zero ends, playoffs start, and season one begins


With season zero coming to an end and the playoffs starting, the Gamer Trojans have secured a spot in the first-round of the playoffs. The red and white teams will both fall in the first round, but the black will advance to the second, through a comeback victory against Tift county’s team, but only to fall short. All three teams fought hard this season with each teams overall record being; Black (8-6), Red (7-6), and White (6-7).      

As they brush away their last season and defeat, the Trojans get ready for the new upcoming season. Season 1 or the inaugural season will run from February 25 – April 22 and will include new games such as Smite and Rocket League. For someone new to eSports this will give more options to play and compete in. If students are truly interested in joining the eSports team, they need to pay a registration fee and have a gaming spirit, which currently includes 20 students who participate in the teams.

Chris Parker (12) said “With the new games coming, hopefully this will give more varieties for people to play in so Coach T plans on having more students join in and compete.”  

With this upcoming season the Trojans will compete in these games and on these days Tuesdays: League of Legends, Wednesday: Smite, and Thursdays: Rocket League. If any students are planning on joining, stop by. The Trojans usually practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:15-5:30 pm usually in lab 304 by the media center.