FFA dairy show team

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FFA dairy show team

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The FFA Dairy show team had their first show Saturday, January 5. They left early Friday morning headed for Perry.

For people who have never worked with cows, it may look easy. It looks like the members of the team just walk the cows around in a circle. In reality it is not easy at all. Every day the kids have to go to the dairy to work on  “halter breaking, leading, and getting the animal to cooperate with them,” Lindsey Jones (11) said.

Getting the cattle ready to show is really a lot of work. “One of the hardest things about the show season,” Cassidi Hannah (12) said, ‘ is making sure the students have enough time to get ready and change into their white clothes and to do their jobs.” The jobs include scooping poop, feeding and watering the cows, and the sweep up the shavings.

“The students have to understand the rules of the show,” Hannah said. They have to pay attention to the judge at all times while also paying attention to their cow and minding the distance of the cow in front of them.

The kids have to learn how to clip their cows hair. They have to remember where and where not to clip and which clippers to use on what parts of the body.

Even after the first show is over, it is right back to practicing for the students and the cows. There is always more to learn. After about the third show the students should know what they need to do in the ring, but, really it takes a few seasons to get the hang of everything.

Katie Peppers (12) does extended day and does not get out of work until after 6 which is about the time it gets dark this time of year.

“I do not have time to practice after work so I can only practices on the weekends,” Peppers said, “I have just enough time but it is still a fun experience.”

They can never really know how the show is going to go because very judge is different. So it is best to work really hard no matter what the circumstances.

The season is not all hard work though. The last show of the year, state in Perry, Hannah said, “has a rodeo and a dance that the kids go to every year”.

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