2019-20 Course Registration

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It’s that time of year again! 2019-2020 class registration starts February 1st for upcoming 9th-12th graders.

There has been multiple classes added for the new school year including; AP Psychology for juniors and seniors with Mrs. Kathleen Rowan, AP Research for a science credit for juniors who took AP seminar as sophomores with Mr. Paul Blais, Music Technology as a fine arts pathway, Criminal Investigations Level 3 services for a science and CTAE credit and COLL 1020 as a dual elective for seniors who want information about how to plan for college.

Tools for College with only be opened to students who take 3 or more AP classes or who have failed 3 or more classes. Seniors who take AP courses will no longer be accepted into Tools for College.

CTAE courses will remain the same but introduction classes will be harder to get into as upperclassmen. Introduction classes are available to freshmen and sophomores so make sure you sign up for your CTAE classes when its first available to you!

For more information about these new courses, dual enrollment, and regular high school courses check out http://www.lee.k12.ga.us/lchs/currentregguide.pdf .

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