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Teachers are one of the most important roles when it comes to students lives. They have a major responsibility and that is to teach us what we need to know not just how to read, write, spell, or do math but their job is to also help us when it comes to real life situations. When we leave home in the morning to go to school they become our second parents and we’re now their responsibility.

Kirven Davis (faculty) said “I didn’t plan on being a teacher I was actually a business major. Education chose me because of the experiences that I have through connecting with young people. My first year teaching I got to see kids overcome things they thought were impossible.”

When asked the disadvantages and advantages of being a teacher Davis says “The advantages are you get a chance to see your impact sometimes instantly or in the long run. The disadvantages are sometimes you lose a few that fall by the waste side and you don’t get to impact their lives.” Davis has been teaching for 24 years and has impacted a lot of his students since the first year of him teaching.

Shanicie Williams (faculty) has been teaching for 12 years now and said “Growing up as a child I was always active so when I got older I majored in Sports Medicine to become either a Physical Therapist or a Athletic Trainer but I kind of got into education from substituting at schools for Physical Education and I noticed that some of the kids when out of shape. I got into teaching Health, P.E., and Healthcare Science because I want to teach students how to take care of themselves and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Williams says “The advantages of being a teacher is seeing the awards, and touching the lives of the students. The disadvantages is having to do a lot of paperwork and teaching the students a lot of standards in only a short amount of time.” Williams enjoys his job, although it can be a handful sometimes but she loves taking on a challenge.

Being a teacher isn’t a really easy job to do as we all know. They have to put up with a lot and do so much for not that much pay. Teaching is gift and if you aren’t fit for it then you’re not meant to be one. So we should value and appreciate those who take time out of their lives to help educate us and not take them for granted.

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