Varsity football advances to final four after two wins in the state playoffs

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Varsity football advances to final four after two wins in the state playoffs

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Friday November 16th had students buzzing as not only was it the last day before Thanksgiving break, but the second round of state playoffs against the Creekview Rebels was being hosted on home turf.

#7 Chauncey Magwood (10) preparing to run a play in the quarterfinal game against Effingham.

The trojans not only had some outstanding plays like a 37 yard pass to #3 Jeremiah Engram (12) in the second quarter gaining the home team another seven points, and an interception by #32 Derrick Gorsuch (12).

The team ended the game with a 54-0 blowout letting the raining state champs advance to the semi-final game against the Creekview grizzlies.

After hours of Black Friday shopping and eating a mass amount of turkey, fans piled into Trojan Field.

The first half of the game started off on the right foot for the trojans with excellent plays by #6 Jammie Robinson (12) who gained a touchdown off of a pick six in the first quarter.

Although the grizzlies had a touchdown on the board, the trojans were ahead 14-7 going into the second half.

Starting off the second half strong #5 Deavon Sanders (12) gained the team another seven point with a 19 yard rushing touchdown. At the end of the third quarter the trojans kept their lead of 21-7.

The boys went into the fourth quarter with determination to make it to the semifinals, and with a 25 yard rushing touchdown by #17 Kyle Toole (11) among many other successful plays they did exactly that.

Going into the semifinal was not all just the work of the offense, the trojan defense has worked hard all season to make the sure the offense is in a better scoring situations. #72 Parker Rodgers (11) says, “It feels great to have a defense team that always has our backs when things aren’t clicking right away offensively.”

#72 Parker Rodgers (11) along with teammates lining up to defend their end zone.

The final scores was 42-20 the trojans headed to final four. The semifinal game will be played against the Lanier longhorns this Friday at 7:30 on trojan field.

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