To the good times – Softball Wrap up


M. Conger

Softball season was full of good times, from making memories on the bus rides to and from games, to hanging out on the weekends and building better relationships with one another. Through the season, there were not any seniors. It was just juniors and the other underclassmen, which made it a more determined season. They wanted to show what they could do without seniors, and indeed they did.

Julianna Franklin (10) said “The best moments throughout the whole year were on the bus rides when we just really bonded well and had a lot of fun. The best game of the whole year was the region championship. We all just really worked together and got the win.”

Karlee Back (11) said “In the first game of the second round, we were very hyped. We won, and we bonded very well.”

On next season, Franklin and Back said it was going to be the same team, so they just expect for better improvements.

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.”

With the support of the teammates and parents, the players individually made accomplishments themselves throughout the season.

Abby Hughes(11) said ‘I am so happy and grateful to say I have finally reached 500 high school career strikeouts as a junior! I want to thank everyone who has helped me along my journey! A special thank you to my catchers who have been there for me every pitch!”

As the season comes to a wrap, here’s to the good times.