Trojans go undefeated


Georgia Miller

Players line up for the offensive and prepare to score. There were multiple passes from #17 Kyle Toole 11) that resulted in touchdowns. Dean Fabrizio faculty) said, “Im very proud of these guys.”

Under the Friday night lights on November 2, the Lee County Trojans faced their longtime rival, the Coffee County Trojans at Jardine Field beating them 38 to 7 while completing their first ever undefeated regular season.

When Lee County’s captains went out to midfield and won the coin toss, they elected to receive. The game was only three minutes in when wide receiver #5 Daveon Sanders (12) made a touchdown allowing kicker Austin Beaver to make a PAT. This making the score 7-0 Lee County, with 9:38 left in the first quarter.

Wide receiver#81 Amari Foster (11) said the team has been practicing a lot to prepare for the game against their rivalry from last year’s region and state championship games

“This is a big game from the rivalry last year,” Amari Foster said, “and we have practiced Monday through Thursday to prepare for the game.”

Before the end of the first quarter Lee County made another touchdown through running back #21 Preston Simmons (10) and had another PAT from #99 Beaver (11) , making the score 14-0 to end the first quarter.

#17 Kyle Toole (11) hands the ball off to #21 Preston Simmons (10) in order to make a play.

Only four seconds into the second quarter, quarterback #17 Kyle Toole (11) passed the ball to receiver#7 Chauncey Magwood (10), a three-yard pass that gave Lee County another touchdown and chance at a PAT from Beaver. This resulted in 21-0 Lee.

Beaver made a 33-yard field goal making the score 24-0 with 6:14 left in the half.

Georgia Miller
#99 Austin Beaver (11) kicks a PAT after a touchdown. The kick was good giving the Trojans the extra point. “We’ve practiced a lot in order to prepare.” #81 Amari Foster (11) said.

Before the half ended Magwood received the ball passed 17 yards by Toole. With the PAT by Beaver, the half ended with a score of 31-0 Lee County Trojans.

As soon as half-time ended the teams came back out again, and Coffee led off with a touchdown and PAT, making the score 31-7, the only gain either team had in the third quarter.

Magwood once again received a 10-yard pass from Toole making a touchdown and giving Beaver the opportunity to make a PAT, this making the final score of the night 38-7 Lee County.

With 10:41 left in the game, Coffee fumbled the ball and Lee County’s#44 Andrew Willis (10) quickly recovered. The Lee Trojans used this for Beaver to make an attempt at a 51-yard field goal, though it hit the crossbar, giving the ball back to Coffee.

With three minutes left in the game, Lee County refused to let Coffee add any points and held them off until the last second.

Dean Fabrizio (faculty) was proud of the boys’ performance and the accomplishment of going 10 and 0, but believes there is still some room to grow if they are to go as far as they can.

“Proud of these guys.” Fabrizio said. “Big win to go 10 and 0. You know we played really really well, but we had a lapse there in the second half for one series where they had a big run on us and scored. That’s really what we got to learn,” he said “We can’t lapse, you know; we can’t have a lapse even for a play, even for a series – if we wanna get to where we can get.”