Georgia’s Intense Governor Race

As Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp has taken an oath of office for Georgia since 2010 and which I think he is qualified to do it again. As a candidate for Georgia’s Governor, he promises to keep taxes low and implement a spending cap on the state’s budget plan.

Abrams wants to make sure healthcare is “a right not a privilege”. This will implement Medicare throughout the state, but will she follow through with her plans for Georgia. Taxes will increase, an a candidate who owes money to IRS going to be responsible with our tax dollars.

Not only will she support Georgia to become a sanctuary state, which will host illegal immigrants with free supplies and housing. That will make Hope scholarship available for people who are not registered american citizens. Kemp who wants to put “Georgians first” and will be the person to do that.

Somebody who wants a more diverse economy and will pick somebody less qualified, because of their skin color or origin. Which isn’t right for someone who has put so much more time in qualifications just for a low qualified person with a different skin tone or different origin gets picked for the job. Which that is unfair for the more qualified person. This is why we need Kemp for Georgia he is someone who will put hard working Georgian first and not put someone from a different country who is not even a US citizen.   

I believe Kemp is best fits and I think he will be responsible with our tax dollars and not only that, but bring in jobs and prosperity to Georgia, which will be a big economy boost for the state.