High school: easy as A, B, C


Madeline Conger

Under the pressure of the competition, Mona Ghimire (11), Baleigh Brown (11), and Ragan Redmond (11) get excited when they open a lock on the box. Many classes at the upper campus involve fun activities, even AP classes. "It's fun to get a break from sitting in a desk doing book work," Ghimire said. "Friendly competition is a fun way to break it up."

While most knew their ABCs before they were six, the alphabet can still be pretty important in knowing one’s way around a high school. Even more important are the connecting hyperlinks in each of the following 26 elements in this alternative directory to life in high school.

A AP/Honors classes. Academics is a huge part of any school, which is why there are so many AP and honors classes available on campus. For the 2018-2019 school year, these following AP/honors courses are on the roster: AP Seminar, AP Calculus, AP Language, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, AP U.S. History, AP World History, Advanced Algebra, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP Literature.

BBasketball. Basketball season is starting soon. Basketball conditioning and cheerleader tryouts have already begun, but the first games for the boys and girls teams are on November 13 at Upson-Lee High School in Thomaston, GA.

CCheerleading. Cheerleaders do a lot for the community. They spend their Friday nights at football games; introducing the football team, throwing shirts and souvenirs to the crowds, and even doing stunts. They also compete in cheer competitions, and have won 1st place in a few so far this year.

DDual enrollment. Dual Enrollment is where high school students can take college classes to get credits early. These classes can be taken online, at the college of choice, and some are even available at the upper campus. The most common colleges for the area are Georgia Southwestern, Albany State University, and Albany Technical College.

EExams. There are so many types of exams.There are nine weeks exams, semester exams, end-of-course exams, and AP exams.

F Football. The Trojan football team has gained popularity in the past year. In the 2017-2018 school year, they were titled 6A state champs, and even got to play the last round at their home stadium. This year,  they are undefeated so far and are ranked no.1 by both the GHSA Coaches’ Poll and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

G Graduation. Graduation is the finish line of high school. This activity is special to seniors, who get to begin the next part of their lives. This year, the LCHS Graduation will be Friday, May 24 at 6:30. The community voted to hold it at the Albany Civic Center instead of on Trojan Field because of the Southwest Georgia heat in late May.

H Homecoming. Homecoming is the first activity that really unites all students. The week before is celebrated by dressing up and having parades, but the real fun is always on Saturday. Saturday nights always hold the dance. The homecoming this school year came pretty early, on September 15.

I Involvement. There are multiple club/extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Besides sports, there are many clubs. There are the more traditional clubs, like Student Government Association, Beta Club, and National Honor Society, but there are also locally founded clubs from students, like Evergreen Environmental and Logic.

J Juniors. Not quite seniors, but more than underclassmen, these students get a few special privileges of their own. Junior year is the first year students can attend prom without having an older date. This is also the year students get their class rings, which helps graduation seem a little bit closer.

K Kickball feud. To read about the ongoing kickball feud between Kirven Davis (faculty) and Jason Butler (faculty), click here.

L Library. The library is home to many different types of books. There are several topics of fiction and nonfiction for any category you can think of and even magazines. There are games and puzzles to play, and even an interactive smartboard for browsing the web. The librarians allow students to print out assignments for a small fee.

M Marching Band.

The marching Trojans are always a big hit at the football games.Their halftime show theme this year is Fuego Latino, featuring many Latin songs. They also compete in competitions with danceline and colorguard. The competition season is already over, but they can still be seen under the Friday night lights.

N NJROTC. NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. There are many different rules and guidelines the cadets must follow. To learn more about the NJROTC class, click here.

O Opportunities. There is something for everyone to do on our campus. Classes, sports, and clubs are all available for students.

P Pep rallies. There’s nothing like squeezing hundreds of kids into a gym to bring them all together. The ongoing rivalry between the seniors and juniors for the spirit stick may scare the new sophomores. After the first pep rally, the newbies got their act together and learned how to show their pride before homecoming.

Q Questions. Every student has at least one question in their classes. The teachers at LCHS are very understanding of their students, and are happy to help them when needed.

R Reconstruction. The building at One Trojan Way as students knew it was updated in 2017-2018. The whole building went under construction, from the paint on the walls to the floors throughout the school.

S Softball. The 2018 varsity softball team was one for the books; they had no seniors. The team managed to work together to get far into the season. The team will get to work together the same way next season, as no new players will be added.

T Thespians. Thespians includes the actors and the stage crew that are a part of the plays the school puts on. “Ben Hur” was the latest one-act play by the Theatre Arts Guild. They will begin competing with the play soon, with actors hoping to do better than their 2017 competition.

U Underclassmen. Freshman and sophomores are a big part of a school. Although the upper campus does not have freshman classes, they are important for clubs and sports. Sophomores give seniors new people to pick on, and let juniors get a break from the teasing.

V Volleyball. The varsity volleyball team had a successful season. They got to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, and made it to the 2nd round of state. The girls are proud of the season they had.

W Wrestling. Wrestling competitons start in November and are one highly attended. The first wrestling match is on November 13 at Cook County.

X X-ing (crossing) in the halls. The hallways in the upper campus can be hard to navigate if you are new to the school. The halls all intersect each other, so differentiating the halls can be a challenge. The halls that go horizontal are the 100, 300, 500, and 700, while 200, 400, and 600 run vertically. Just to keep that plan from being too simple, the 800 hallway throws a kink in that plan by being located on the second floor of the mult-purpose building.

Y Yearbook staff. The Trojan19 yearbook staff works year round to ensure that their fellow classmates will enjoy the yearbook presented at the end of the year. Their 400-page full color book has won national design awards from Jostens for the past three consecutive years. Books can be purchased at http://www.jostensyearbook.com or in JLAB407. Stories from people of all kinds are put into the yearbook to make one consecutive story for the school year.

Z Zero tolerance. The handbook for all schools in the system does not allow guns/weapons, alcohol, or drugs on campus. There is a zero tolerance for these things, and anyone caught with them will have to deal with the consequences.