Marching band plays tribute to Aretha Franklin


Submitted photo

The trumpet section plays their heart out to stand tunes. This section sometimes gets featured in songs and move their horns side to side with the beat.

The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, passed away August 16. To honor her memory, the Trojan Marching Band played her blockbuster song “Think” during halftime at the football game the very next day. Band members, colorguard and dancers all  perfected their routines in a little over 48 hours.

New member of danceline, Abigail Haggerty (10), said her favorite part of the show was the “awesome reaction of the audience. It gave a great attitude for the rest of the game.” The crowd was very pleased at the end of the performance. “ We showed the crowd the reason why we perform,” Haggerty said.

Even though the world lost the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin will always live on through her music, as the Trojan Marching Band showed through their tribute.