Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Khrstyn Bais


Maggie Nguyen

At the international food fair at St. Teresa’s. Catholic Church, Maggie Krysten Bais (12) suggests taking pictures outside. Maggie Nguyen said, “It really turned into a mini-photoshoot.” The food fair was an event with multiple cultures represented by Lee County students.

“Khrstyn is one of the most charming and talented people I’ve ever met. . . . she’s beautiful inside and out. ” – Maggie Nguyen (12)

Trojans come in many shapes and sizes, and each one leaves an impact on the school for the following classes to come. Khrstyn Bais (12) might blend in with the crowd at a glance, but her hard work sets her apart from her fellow classmates

Though she is not in the Trojan Marching Band, Bais enjoys music and plays both the piano and the guitar.

Music has always been a huge part of my life,” Bais said. “My father grew up playing the guitar and singing, and his mother had a passion for singing as well. My mom and her father also love to sing, so singing around is basically part of their routine. I started singing when I was around five, when my mom and I practically used the karaoke machine (a staple in every Filipino household) every day. I began taking piano lessons when I was six and was classically trained. I also began teaching myself guitar when I was twelve and picked the ukulele when I was fourteen. Music is way for to express how I feel, since I tend to be a reserved person, and also gives me an outlet to lift up my talents to God.”

Religion plays an important role in Bais’ life. She is active at Saint Teresa’s Catholic Church, which inspired her to help create a school-wide Youth Ministry, which meets every Friday morning in April Trussell’s (faculty) room. She plays her guitar and leads others in worship songs.

Towards the end of my junior year, my friend Rachel asked me if I would interested in starting a morning worship with her on Friday mornings,” Bais said. “She asked me to come with her to ask our guidance counselor (mostly because she can be a shy person as well) and as her good friend, I agreed to help and be by her side whenever. I pushed her to start this student ministry because our faith has always been a major part of our lives, and it is a time we set aside in our busy schedules, and come together to remind ourselves as Christians what our real mission is on Earth: to spread the Word of God, to praise God, and to treat others with the same kindness He has bestowed on us.”

“I don’t mind having them do it in my classroom,” Trussell said. “It’s something I believe in too and it’s good that they’re spreading the word.”

Bais values her education and works hard to ensure her success.

Growing up in any traditional Asian household, there comes with it a true stereotype,” Bais said. “[Like} pressure to reach these implied expectations that our parents set for us. I can attest on multiple occasions where I felt like I was not academically successful enough for my parents, which takes a toll on my self-esteem and confidence. However, over these four years, I’ve learned that the only opinions of myself that matter are mine and God’s. Although I still struggle with doubts in my abilities, I’ve began to do my best and to trust in God’s plan for me.”

“As of right now,” Bais said. “I am in the process of applying to Augusta University and the University of Georgia to major in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, respectively. I might apply to Kennesaw State University and Tulane University as well, but I do not know for sure. I hope to graduate with a doctorate degree and become an oncologist or radiologist so I can treat cancer patients.

Maggie Nguyen (12) is a close friend of Bais’ and spends a large amount of time with her. Nguyen had nothing but good things to say about her friend.

Nguyen said, “I take it as a compliment when people mix the two of us up. She is the definition of small but mighty.”