Staying positive even through the tribulations


L. Collier

As the competition season is getting closer, the tension grows. The feeling of competition is in the air, and the chase for 1st place begins. After a rough and bumpy start to the season filled with knee, wrist, and ankle injuries, the team has their minds set to be the best that they can this year.

Haley Owens (12)  said “this season has been hard, but [we] are pushing through.”

The team has been through a lot already, and have experienced many injuries so far. One of their flyers, Jayla Creamer (10), has just recently torn her ACL, and the whole routine had to be re-done. They have had many more things happen, and they have had to start over their routines many times and redo them. Owens has described the competition and how they plan to go and defeat the eight time state-winning champions Northgate Vikings.

Another senior, Kylie Reese (12), said how “it is [her] first year, and even though we have had a hard year full of injuries. we have really progressed and overcame all of the hardships.”

The cheer team will be competing at their first competition at the Houston County Bears High School on September 15. The Houston County Bears are the reigning state runner-ups of 2017, and lost by .175 of a point for the state title.