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SADD Confrence

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On February the second to third, SADD (Students against destructive decisions) attended their first ever state conference at Jekyll Island called “Young Youth and Adult State conference.”

Only four members of the club were able to attend this conference with an adult leader. The four leadership positions were the four students that attended the trip:

President- Paige Ford (10)

Vice President- Rhiannon Belcher (10)

Security- Kinzie McTyeire (10)

Treasurer- Briana Victoria (10)

Adult Leader- Haley Mims (faculty)

The students left school early Friday morning and drove down to Jekyll Island for registration, opening ceremonies, and hotel check-in.

Upon arriving, the students checked into their hotel and walked around the beautiful shops at Jeykll Island as well as the beach.

The students then went to registration where they got introduced to the workshops that would be available for next day. After that, the students went to opening ceremonies and dinner.  After a nighttime of dancing the night away, free food, an ice cream bar and an amazing guest speaker, the students went back to their hotels and rested for the next day to come.

The next day, students attended different workshops that talked about different subjects such as: social media (Distracted Driving), Drugs, Guest speakers that talked about their fatal choices, and many more things.

The day started off with a 3D documentary about drunk driving and an interactive game with both students and leaders.

The first meeting that students attended was called A drug free world and it talked about the importance of ending drug abuse and also talked about a free program that schools can teach or show at school to better educate students on drug abuse.

The Second meeting was about distracted driving and important statistics. It also was presented by a police officer who talked about many issues that officers face today such as the move over law, fleeing an incident, and/or running away from the cops. He also talked about a high-speed chase that he was involved in and how his seatbelt saved his life.

After that class was over, students were treated to lunch as well as the governors’ office that provided many door prizes and Belcher of Lee County’s representatives won one of the door prizes.

Lastly, the last workshop students attended was called Social Media. This workshop covered the importance of social media but also how social media is causing an increase of suicide among teenagers as well as the increase of fatal car wrecks.

In conclusion, The SADD state convention was a success. Although it was only two days, the leaders have gained a ton of knowledge that could be used to further education and make the Lee County School System and High School more successful.

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