What awaits for the class of 2020?


Ellie Gervero (12) plans on pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. specifically majoring in nursing.

After the tassels have been turned, the infamous question remains for the recent graduates; what does the future hold? For many, this question will remain unanswered until college hits. Mainly because they were unable to find their true passion throughout high school, which is totally normal. Fortunately, there are a select few who have found their path and are ready to head down the road to success. 

For some, the medical field beckons to them. At least, that’s the case for Ellie Gervero (12).

“Once I graduate, I plan on majoring in nursing,” Gervero said.

Not only does Gervero intend to be a nurse, but she wants to study for an undergraduate degree at Kennesaw State. “When I visited Kennesaw, I immediately fell in love with the campus. I had heard incredible things about their nursing program, so seeing how gorgeous it was was just a selling point,” Gervero said.

Others wish to be future educators. 

“I’ve always loved kids and I would love to get to teach them. It’s always been a dream of mine to be an educator, but specifically teach in elementary or middle school,” Carissa Reasner (12) said. 

Reasner is hoping to attend Columbus State in the fall. 

“Columbus is known for having one of the best teaching programs in the state, and I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of that,” Reasner said.

In some cases, seniors tend to want to do so much, so they go for minors or try to double major while in college. For Devan Milling (12), this is one such occurrence. 

“My goal is to major in psychology at Columbus State, and to hopefully one day open my own private practice. However, I still have a deep love for theatre. It may be a lot more work, but I want to go for a minor in theatre as well,” Milling said. 

For the class of 2020, the future seems very promising.