The best place to eat after prom


Pictured here is the Waffle House here in Albany, GA. Waffle house was voted as the top place to eat after prom. Jeffrey Bryan (11) said, "I would rather go to waffle house after prom."

Deciding where to eat after prom can be a very difficult decision. Some of the top places to eat after prom are McDonald’s, IHOP, and Waffle House. There was a Panoptic Poll over where students would rather go to eat after prom. 

Raven Bone (11) said, “ I’d rather go to Waffle House after prom rather than McDonald’s or IHOP because I’m broke and Waffle House is cheap and good and McDonald’s and IHOP can get expensive.”

Based on the Panoptic poll “Where would you rather eat after prom,” 100% of the voters voted for Waffle. The other options were IHOP and McDonald’s. Waffle house is a chain diner restaurant located all across the country . It was started by Joe Rodgers Sr. in Atlanta GA  on Labor Day in 1955, 64 years ago. Joe Rodgers Sr. was know for his speed in the kitchen, one of the things Waffle House is most known for. He started as just a cook in the kitchen and eventually got promoted to manager. He found his way up to CEO not shortly after that. Since then it has opened up over 2,100 locations all over the U.S. Most of their locations are in the south, especially all around Georgia.

Jeffrey Bryan (11) said, “I would rather go to Waffle House because the food is better and faster than McDonald’s and IHOP, also the food is a lot better.”

It offers all types of breakfast foods, along with some dinner options. It got is name from the menus most popular item, waffles. Another popular menu item are the hash browns. The hash browns come with all sorts of toppings including onions, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, mushrooms, and even chili.   It is a cheaper option for after prom so that is why so many go after prom. It is also open 24 hours so that is perfect for people going after prom, since it ends later in the night.  It is also a fun option because of it’s infamous jukebox. Some of the voters that voted for waffle house gave their input on why they chose it.

Abigail Haggerty (11) said, “I would rather go to Waffle House rather than going to McDonalds or IHOP because the chocolate chip waffles are lifesaving and the food is cheaper and it costs less, I also love the jukebox.” 

Sydney Bryan (10) said, “I would definitely go to Waffle House after prom rather than McDonalds or IHOP because I like the food and atmosphere better.