Model building for state


Tye Smith

Hard at work they are getting things done. they are putting the wood flooring in the building.“The welding and fabrication of the I beams and stairs” said Dalton Tripp (12).

Patrick Dollar (12), Dalton Tripp (12) and Benjamin McCrary (12) are building a scaled industrial building for a state competition for Skills USA. They are building an industrial building model to show their skills. It has stairs, support beams and multiple stories. It will have multiple materials such as miniature I-beams, wood, Plexiglas and spray paint to complete the entire look. The building is three stories tall. The structure is made out of steel and they will use cement for the bottom floor. It is all about showing how well they can build an industrial building with accuracy and comprehension of what they are building. The dimensions of the building are three feet long by one foot six and one-fourth inches by three feet and one-fourth inches.  The state competition is going to take place in Atlanta, GA on the 12-14 of March 2020.

Tye Smith
studying the plans to figure out what needs building. McCrary is looking over the plans.“We have really enjoyed working Together it has strengthened our communication skills and been really fine” said Benjamin McCrary (12).

“We are very comfortable with the time frame in place and are making progress, but I think the presentation and tri-board will be one of the hardest parts as well as the knowledge test” said Dollar

They have about half of the project done and have about two weeks to finish the major parts and finishing touches. They had trouble with the stairs because they were going to be too steep but they were able to put their heads together and come up with a solution.

Tye Smith
looking over the plans time and time again they calculate their measurements. the only plans that they have to build off of is this picture.“It has been very complicated to piece together the project from a picture” said Patrick Dollar (12).

“We are having a lot of fun building the model and we are doing our best. It has been complicated but we have pushed through it and I think we have a great chance at state,” said Tripp.

They have enjoyed working as a team and problem solving together and they are making tremendous progress. 

“I think if we finish we will have a good shot at placing in the top three,” said McCrary.

They think they will do a great job in the competition if they can continue to make a constant progression as they have been doing.