Trojan Perk


Our own Trojan Perk is a very nice school store. This is the sign on the entrance to the store. The overseer of the store, Mrs. Champion, said "We currently have 3 work-based learning students that manage campus shops." Explaining that the perk is a student run shop where students buy the products.

The Trojan Perk is our school’s very own store, and opens at lunch every day. The Perk has a variety of products and just expanded to selling yogurt Dippin’ Dots. When i asked Mrs. Champion, the Overseer of the store, if the Perk would be getting new items she said

We don’t currently have any new items planned to be introduced anytime soon. However, we recently started offering Yo Dots (yogurt version of Dippin’ Dots). All items served in the school store have to meet the nutritional guidelines.” Mrs. Champion (faculty)  

Many students enjoy the Yo Dots.

Nate Vines (10) said, “I get them sometimes. They’re okay.”

The Yo Dots are a nutritional version of regular Dippin Dots and taste very similar to the regular Dippin Dots. Many students go to the store a couple times a week to enjoy a packet of the Yo Dots. Many students also go to the store to enjoy other things the Perk offers.

“On a weekly basis I would say I go to the school store about three to four times, depending on whether I have the money or energy to buy anything from the store.” Carlin Garey (11) 

The Perk has a variety of items, which are all cheap. Most of the items are under five dollars, and are very good. Many students go in to buy Monsters, or enjoy a slushie. The Perk offers things that the lunch room doesn’t sell, and can be a really good place to go if you didn’t get enough to eat. The Perk offers both food and drink options, and you may even be able to make a meal out of a combination of items from the Perk, and the vending machines.

The Trojan Perk offers a variety of items to both eat, and drink, and is a very good place to eat if you are still hungry and want something cheap and easy.