The costs of being a senior


Found on 100 hall, these white gowns are a commitment to graduating. These have been a tradition for LCHS students and truly shows determination. “I really look forward to graduating,” Madison Carr (12) said.

Senior year can be different for different people. Some will say that year was the highlight of their high school career. Others will relate by saying that it was like any other year. Some do not want to leave their friends behind and find it in sad in a way.

“I really look forward to graduation,” James Hopson (12) said. “The costs are not a big deal to me.”

But no matter how someone feels about senior year, there is a variety of costs and events that seniors tend to spend money on.

“The costs are not all that stressful because I have them paid,” Madison Carr (12) said.

These expenses can be anything from a cap and gown, to a senior pass. Among other things there are different college applications that may apply. The cost of applying to college can vary according to which college it is.

Jostens offers many of the things that seniors would desire when graduating.

They offer cap and gowns, tassels, t-shirts, diploma covers, and a variety of other gear. They have different packages available for purchase as well.

Jostens also does graduation announcements that students by for their relatives, immediate family, and even teachers.

These packages cover the needs of a basic student for their graduation attire.

“I look forward to graduation,” Ethan Dooley (12) said. “The money I’m spending towards graduating could be spent on college.”

The school itself offers various activities for students which include:

Senior Ads – A place for pictures of hobbies, embarrassing baby photos, and a good luck from family – costs vary on page size (1/8 page – $75, 1/4 page – $150, 1/2 page – $250, Full page – $350)

The yearbook staff does offer early bird specials for the ads but at this time they have expired. Full page $325 before September 16. Full page $300 before September 1. The yearbook staff does not make money off of these because it costs about as much to produce as they make in revenue.

Grad Bash – April 17 – $185.00

Senior/Junior Prom – March 14 at the Oakland Library – $40 (will go up to $50)

“I like the senior pass and look forward to graduating and prom,” Keely Eubanks (12) said.

Senior pass – Allows for senior students to receive a treat – $15

“I really enjoyed the Valentines Day treat the best,” Eubanks said.

Graduation – May 22

The Lee County Family Connection does offer ways to help students and family who need help paying simple senior expenses. They usually will extend this to families that they already work with. They can cover basics such as the cap and gown and a senior pass. The counseling department here at the school may (but not always) have money that can be used to help, but this is only if truly needed.

These are the various expenses that seniors pay during their last year of high school.