Theatre Albany presents You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown


The cast takes their bows as they finish the last run of the show on February 23, 2020. Ever since auditions at the end of November, the cast has been working diligently on performing the best interpretation of the classic show that was sure to excite the audience. “I had such a fun experience getting to know this strong, talented cast and I am ready to see what is next for Theatre Albany,” Hendley said.

Theatre Albany debuted their production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown on February 14, 2020. This follows the beloved story of Charlie Brown (Randy Harrell) and his friends Lucy (Amanda Piercey), Sally (Gracen Carden), Schroeder (Chris Hendley), Linus (Quenton Matthews), and Snoopy (Keith Peacock (12)) and their adventures through school, baseball games, and more. Along the way, they learn important lessons and the true meaning of happiness. These sympathetic moments are also paired with comedic moments that are sure to bring a smile to anyone in the crowd.

Amanda Piercey and Chris Hendley are long-time actors of the Theatre Albany stage, performing in other shows such as Beauty and the Beast, where Hendley played Gaston and Piercey was one of the silly girls. These two are happy to return to the stage for a brand new production, where they can make their versions of the characters Lucy and her long-time crush, Schroeder.

“My favorite part of doing the show is working with a small cast that is super talented and not afraid to go big with their characters. You have to be willing to be silly and improvise a lot,” Piercey said.

Another cast member who is no stranger to the stage is Keith Peacock (12), who plays Snoopy and performs classic scenes such as the Red Baron, while also bringing a new musical aspect with the song “Suppertime.”

“I’d say my favorite part about the show is the cast,” Peacock said. “The group I worked with was such an amazing group and I couldn’t have asked for a better family.”

This show also features live music, unlike many shows at Theatre Albany. One of the performers was Abby Jenkins (11) on flute, who dedicated a lot of time and energy to the show while also balancing all of her classes at the high school.

Jenkins said, “Even though it was hard trying to find a balance between AP classes and this show, I made sure to get everything for school finished before the show or practice so I could enjoy being in this production.”

The cast ends the song “Beethoven’s Day” with an excited pose as they prepare for the next scenes ahead. This song featured the entire cast and was one of the biggest numbers throughout the show. Carden said “It was an exhilarating experience that I was proud to share with the rest of the cast. We definitely had a lot of fun together.”

The show was held at Theatre Albany on February 14-16 and 21-23, where the audience was large and full of excitement. Children and adults alike fell in love with the comedy filled show, from the beginning to the finale where the cast sings “Happiness” and describes what all brings them joy. Even though the show has come to an end, the cast and audience are sure to remember the memories they made throughout this journey.