Trojan Elite ends season at state championship


Sarah Houston (10), Dayton Jordan (10), Karoline Smith (9), Abigail Tindell (11), Raven Bone (11), Sara Prias (12), Alana Jordan (10), Devan Thomas (12), Caroline Carver (10), Breanna Pollock (12), Abigail Haggerty (11), Madison Perry (11), Sidney Singleton (11) complete their final award ceremony of the season. They made 3rd place overall, and 1st place in jazz. Pollock, before the performance, lead prayer and said “I am blessed to have such a great hardworking team like you all. Now, let’s finish off strong.”

Trojan Elite is the dance team that performs different dance styles to compete against other teams around the state of Georgia. The team consists of girls from ninth through twelfth grade and danceline, as well as other clubs. Trojan Elite dance team went to compete in the GHSA 6A state competition. They got first place in 6A jazz, second place in 6A Pom, which is a sharp style of dance, and third place overall.

Coach of Trojan Elite Julia Ross (Coach) said, “It is really cool because it takes a while to get a team off the ground and get as far we are. The other teams we competed against have had their teams for a while now. I was really proud to provide the seniors this opportunity before they graduate, and I keep reminding them that even though they did not win, the legacy that they left is far greater, and it will influence the girls for next season.”

Sarah Jane Houston (10) said, “It is truly an amazing feeling. We have worked hard over the past two years, and it has paid off so much. I could not be prouder of the team. It was very intimidating, but also a great feeling because we got the chance to meet a bunch of people who love the same thing we do, which is dance.”

Some of the girls on Trojan Elite have been there since the beginning. For seniors like Breanna Pollock (12), the state championship was their final competition.

“It felt very nerve-wracking because of how good the other people were, but it was also exciting because we had a chance to prove ourselves next to some amazingly talented teams. It was incredibly emotional,” Pollock said. Before we went on for our first dance, I led the prayer like we do every time we perform, but I just thanked God for allowing me the opportunity to dance with my best friends, and I started crying. When I looked up, pretty much everybody was crying. It was a bittersweet moment performing and looking over to see my best friends, knowing that this was the last time I would get to dance with them next to me. It was special and beautiful. I would not trade it for the world. I feel like the emotions helped us perform better.”

Trojan Elite has only been a competitive sport for 2 years, and they have already competed in the state competition. They were also the only team in South Georgia to compete.