Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Kelly Kennedy


Peering behind the acclaimed red curtain in the auditorium Kelly Kennedy shows one of her many passions. Kennedy is enthusiastic about theater and is thrilled to be a part of TAG. “I’ve been in over 30 shows since I started theater,” Kelly Kennedy (10) said.

Kelly Kennedy (10) is involved in many things around the school such as the Theater Arts Guild, Chorus, and Advanced/Honors classes.

“Kelly is one of those students we (teachers) wish we could teach all three of the years that are spent at LCHS,” Dr. Deborah Baltenburger (Faculty) said. “She’s exceptional with regard to her determination and dedication to doing what she needs to do to be successful. I’ve only known her since the first of the year… but I am impressed with everything I’ve seen.”

“She is a really hard worker and a very talented writer,” Deborah Howell (Faculty) said. “She has a creative approach on the topic and reads very well into literature. She has work ethic, works very hard, and doesn’t complain.”

Her outstanding determination and dedication is evident in her passion for theater. She is outstandingly dedicated to her passion and is thoroughly enthusiastic about her ability to lighten someone’s mood with a good performance.

“I know that she’s in the theater program which means there’s a definite creative side to her that I look forward to being able to see over the next 2 and 1/2 years as her role within the program continues to grow,” Baltenburger said.

Kennedy has been a part of many Lee County productions including The Drowsy ChaperoneLegally Blonde, and Beauty and the Beast.

“She is passionate about anything theater related, whether that is preforming, tech, or anything else,” Hannah Chapman (Faculty) said. “She has gotten more developed in leadership and she is a really good student. She is organized, helpful, she did an extraordinary job as an assistant stage manager in our fall One Act show.”

“I’ve been in over 30 plays since I started theater in second grade where I performed my first show The Aristocats,” Kennedy said. “I love being on stage, and it helps having everyone behind your back. I’m not usually nervous, but I will remember to breathe and stay clam.”

Kennedy is also involved in chorus and enjoys using her voice to entertain others.

“I’ve been in Chorus since 6th grade,” Kennedy said. “I love All State Chorus in Athens. The best singers combine and the results are amazing.”

On top of all the extra-curricular and time consuming organizations Kennedy is a part of, she is currently involved in AP Seminar, AP World History, and is planning to take many other AP classes throughout her high school career.

“I took all honors and AP available in 9th as well as 10th,” Kennedy said. “I was in the gifted program in elementary, but I started taking advanced math in 6th grade.”

AP and Honors classes come with a lot of work and expectation. It can be very stressful to students with homework about every night. Many weekends are spent doing essays, presentations, and other rigorous work.

“I find my family to be biggest supporters in my life,” Kennedy said.

“It is nearly impossible to balance a workload and have time for myself but I remind myself to not procrastinate,” Kennedy said. “AP Seminar is definitely the hardest Advanced Placement class I have taken, but it was extremely worthwhile. I am a much better writer now than I was last year.”

In the chaos of work and expectation Kennedy has found some time for herself.

“I enjoy going on trips with my church or using my time to volunteer. I also sing at many different events,” Kennedy said.

Her free time at a church trip at Sky Zone landed her in the hospital with a dislocated knee.

“I dislocated my knee completely in June at sky zone trampoline park,” Kennedy said. “I try to stay motivated to do my work as much as possible.”

During her surgery and recovery Kennedy was still expected to do her school work. What many people would find a struggle, Kennedy pushed through and got her work done in time.

“When you know what she’s endured with the injury to her leg and yet she still has the contagiously positive attitude towards everything.  It’s amazing!” Baltenburger said.

Kennedy has already done so much during her high school career. But, she has things that she would still like to do while in high school.

“I would like to help make good changes in Lee County in any small way I can and be a positive role model for younger kids,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy is happy to be involved with Theater and Chorus because of the ability to express herself and her involvement with AP gives her challenge.