The Tiktok Trend


Teens seem to have a new “big thing” every month. Over time, trends have come and go but one in particular has become very popular over the last year: tiktok. This social media app comprises of millions of short videos ranging from trending dances to funny voice overs that creators put out. Many people have this app to simply watch these videos but others find fun in making them and uploading them in hopes of them becoming viral. Popular creators on this app have been recently trending because of the “tiktok dances” that are made up by users that eventually spread to people’s accounts where they then can attempt the same dance for views. Perfecting these challenging dances have become almost a hobby to teens who find interest in this app.

Many students on campus have taken interest in this new trend. Leah Potter (11) says, “I will watch a video over and over just to memorize the dance and try it on my own. Although, some are actually pretty hard, it’s fun to learn the same dance with your friends.”

Not only do these dances grasp users attentions but also makes the app more popular and the fear of “missing out” on something persuades more people to download and experience the buzz everyone is talking about.

These dancing trends along with many others such as being able to duet and react to other people’s videos have made this app grow from its original name “musically.” Tiktok was put out in 2018 when creators realized musically’s active users were decreasing dramatically because of lack of updates. Tiktok was a complete reinvention of this app and created a huge increase in downloads. This new model brought more effects and allowed users to add text to their videos so they could put out content that would entertain followers. By doing this, more and more people have shown interest in making these short videos which has led to the overall population of this app over the last year. In fact, this app is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world which presents an alternative version of online sharing.

Overall, it does not take much to attract the attention of younger people so an app that gives people the opportunity to post their own personal interests is always a plus. By looking at how far this idea has come, anyone can predict that tiktok will probably be around for awhile.