Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal With Paris Biery


Paris Biery (10) has had one pretty incredible life for a high school student. Behind the scenes of a regular school day, she goes above and beyond to excel at her extra curricular activities outside of school. To her, however, these are more than just activities, it’s her passion. Biery has been nationally recognized for her career in pageantry and has only continued to grow since her multiple crownings in the past few years.

Biery has been involved in pageantry since she was a young girl and has been in love with it ever since.

Biery said, “I’ve been involved in pageantry since I was 8 years old, it is something that I really enjoy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,”.

On top of her glamorous pageant life, Biery has also found another love; theatre. Although it’s been a more recent endeavor, she feels as if she has been involved in theatre forever.

“I’ve just recently gotten involved in theatre, and what got me into it was my interest in Broadway musicals. It was something that I never thought I’d see myself doing. Theatre has not only been my home away from home, but it has developed into a lifelong passion of mine,” Paris said. 

Though she has not been in theatre for very long, she has already proven herself to her director, Hannah Chapman (faculty). 

“When I first met Paris, I immediately noticed how put together she was. She always made sure to dress as professional as she could,” Chapman said.

After spending many more months with her, Chapman had begun to see how much she truly loves theatre.

Chapman said, “Now that I have gotten to know Paris, I can easily say that she is very hardworking. She is constantly trying to improve herself and always wanting to figure everything out by herself. She is also an excellent leader in class. I can always depend on her to get the job done. Overall, I see Paris as a very valuable member of this theatre program and I’m very excited to see where she goes.”

For years, bullying has continued to be an issue in both communities and many social media platforms. Knowing this, Biery decided to take action on the problem and create an anti-bullying campaign using only sticky notes. She calls her campaign Stuck on Kindness.

“Stuck on Kindness was created as a unique tactic to promote my anti bullying campaign ‘love always wins’. I believe that there have been many sticky note movements around the U.S., but what makes stuck on kindness so unique is not only can it be done by anyone, but it teaches the lesson of being able to unite as a community to celebrate our differences instead of judging others,” Biery said.

Going with her Stuck on Kindness campaign, Biery also mentioned one of her favorite quotes that she has posted about.

“One of the most valuable quotes that I’ve ever put on a sticky note would have to be, ‘You are not alone.’ Those four words are very hard to comprehend at times, but when you think about the people that could be going through the exact same situation as you could be going through. It really is a truly empowering message that needs to spread not only in our community, but throughout the nation,” Paris said.

Her campaign can be found on her Instagram page using the hashtag #stuckonkindness. 

Around school, the first thing that people notice is her dedication to both academics and friendships.

A close friend, Hilton Manry (10), said, “With Paris, I have found she is a head strong and proud student at school. She takes pride in her classes, especially those she truly enjoys. She is by far, in my opinion, the sweetest person on campus and can always bring a smile to one’s face. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and bold and continues to excel within her academic career to the highest extent.”

Many people have stereotyped the pageant business as being for girls who have no brains and just want to flaunt their beauty. However, Biery wants to correct these assumptions.

Paris said, “Pageants is not only about putting on a dress and getting all pretty to walk on a stage. Pageants is truly a place where you will create lifelong friendships. While being involved with pageants I can honestly say that every girl I meet always has a game plan to make a difference in this world. Pageants teach leadership skills to  young woman and they encourage them to always find a way to make a difference, that is the true beauty of pageantry.”

When talking about one of her most memorable moments, Biery mentioned, “I’d have to say the most memorable moment when being involved with pageants would have to be truly finding myself. When being surrounded by such incredibly inspirational women it really puts you in a positive environment to relax and to find your place and or where you belong. As I’ve said previously, my favorite thing about pageants would have to be surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests as you do, which creates this beautiful friendship that will last forever..”

Even though being in pageantry is a lot of hard-work, Biery encourages every girl to at least give it a try.

Paris said, “In all honesty, I definitely encourage any girls who have an interest in being involved in pageants. It really is a very unique yet incredible experience and you can learn so many things about who you are as a person as well as learning a lot about how the pageant system works.”

Paris also added her personal preference in which pageant system is her favorite.

Biery said, “My favorite pageant system that I’ve ever competed in would be USA National Miss. It truly is an incredible system to be involved in, their message of spreading kindness truly is empowering. I’ve been involved with this system for the past 3 years and each year I’ve represented the State of Georgia when competing against girls across the nation. I have to say that this past year has been the most successful for me considering I reached my goal of making the top 5 in the nation. As well as being able to launch my sticky note movements stuck on kindness, my experiences with this system has been incredible and I can’t wait to continue my journey!”

Paris Biery awaits many more pageants in the near future and will sure to be ready when the time comes to compete once more.