Andrew College academic competition


The participants in the academic competition are relieved after finishing all of the activities the school had to offer. During the tests and time writings, the students faced quite a bit of stress and were not sure if they would place. Sam Ferrell (11) said "I wasn't too nervous about it but I knew we were all ready to finish the competitive aspect and have the needed time with friends."

A few select students from Lee County High School participated in Andrew College’s yearly academic competition on Wednesday January 22, 2020. This competition allows students to compete in a variety of subjects; including math, science, social studies, writing, and art. During the competition, students fill out a multiple-choice test on the subject of their choice, and the writers had two and a half hours to write a personal narrative based on a quote provided to them.

“I was a bit nervous because everyone looked so serious, but while taking it, I knew most of it so I didn’t stress out that much. Plus it was fun because my friends were around me and I liked the type of questions the test asked,” Ariana Ukaonu (11) said.

The Quiz Bowl participants were proud to take home second place in their division. During the Quiz Bowl, they were hesitant in some responses but tried to keep up their confidence. Austin Shiver (12) said, “I think we were confident in our answers and we were able to learn from our mistakes when we made them.”

After this section of the competition was completed, students took a needed break in the lunchroom and had the option to play a game called Ninja. Competitors would take this time to reconnect with their friends and talk about the task they just completed, and how they felt about it. Others seized the opportunity to meet new people from surrounding schools and potentially make new connections. Everyone considered it a nice break from all of the incoming demands from school, and this break was also a chance for the students to prepare for the next task, the Quiz Bowl.

The Quiz Bowl has been hosted at Andrew College for sixteen years, where a few students from each school would come together and play a version of final Jeopardy, where they would bet a certain amount of points on a topic and they would get a certain question. If they got the question right, they would get the number of points they wagered and move on to the next round. However, if they got the question wrong they would lose all of the points wagered. This put the Lee County students participating in the Quiz Bowl on edge as they were determined to win against their competitors.

After the Quiz Bowl came to the awards ceremony. During this time, many students representing Lee County were very pleased to learn they placed first or second based on their category, grade, and school size. Congratulations to all of the students involved in representing Lee County well in the academic competition!

From left to right the award winners were Jacob Watts (12), Ashlee James (11), Ariana Ukaonu (11), Dev Patel (10), Jude Mullins (11), Chris Kim (12), Elizabeth Keaton (11), Taryn Harding (12), Sam Ferrell (11), Gavin Reed (12), Austin Shiver (12) and Gracie van Brackle (12).