PBIS Improves School


Once a month, during PRIDE on Thursday Block schedule, a special group of sophomores, junior, and seniors come to Room 106 on 100 Hall to discuss how our school can be improved. These students are formed as our P.B.I.S. group. P.B.I.S.  stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. This organization sets out to find ways of making our school the best in the state.

Madison Perry (11) says “The goal of the P.B.I.S. team is to encourage positive behavior throughout our school. We reward students for good behavior with Pops for Passers, half-days, and letting them qualify to exempt exams.”

One way they are improving the school is by making announcements to promote awards.

Perry said “It’s great to work with so many other students on the team because we have lots of experience to come up with new ideas.”

If anybody in the school can learn about P. B. I. S. and what it does to our school, Luanne Bloodworth (Faculty) said “P.B.I.S. … the goal is to reward positive behavior by students and encourage those students having a difficult time with behavior so they can be rewarded, too.”