SADD Christmas fundraiser


Painting the kids faces was so fun and joyful

The SADD Christmas fundraiser was on December 7th at the Christmas festival in Albany,GA “during the festival the two members of SADD gave out banana pudding  and painted faces” Amber Anderson (10). The money will be used for the SADD national conference in Phoenix,AZ and upcoming convention expenses . The fundraiser helped SADD members to come to the conference because it is very expensive and cost about $ 2,000  for each student. The goal of the fundraiser was to give SADD members the opportunity to raise money for themselves and go to their conference fee , also the money the students worked for will get them to the conference.”We collected a little less of $ 100 ” Mrs.Mims. “It was fun coming with Amber for her club fundraiser and painting kids faces” Jessica Argueta (10). Even though only three members came to the fundraiser they kept a positive vibe.