Custom signs and designs


Tye Smith

The fish is designed, cut and swimming its way to the grinder. This key chain took about twenty minutes to design and about five minutes to cut out. Walker Pinson(12) said,”I got the privilege of seeing the key chain get cut out and it was really cool.”

The Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) welding class has decided to start making custom metal bumper tags, small key chains, Christmas ornaments and custom signs to put money back into the welding program. They have made a couple tags already and some key chains too. They have a few pre-designed things made you can order also such as Rockin’ Lee signs and sporting event signs of all kinds. If they do not have it, they can probably design it. If something is found online and would like to be ordered, it can be looked over to see if it is designable.

Aaron Kennedy (11) said,”I liked the fact that they had multiple designs made so that I could pick the one I like best.”

Tye Smith
The bottle opener/ key chain is designed up and ready to be cut out. The design program in the welding class is where the key chain was designed. Walker Pinson (12) said,”They made a very nice key chain and I liked the option to switch up the design a little bit.”

The items will be priced according to size such as the tags which will vary from about $15-$25. The key chains are about $5-$10 depending on designs. The ornaments will be sold for about $7-$15. They can make custom signs that will be priced according to design and sizes.

Kennedy said, “I would definitely go back to the welding program if I wanted anything else designed and cut out.”

Tye Smith
Welding’s hard work producing a great product. The key chain was made by the welding program within a fundraiser to put money back into the program. Walker Pinson(12) said,”I was pleased with their product and it looked very good.”

To place an order go to Rob Story (faculty) in the welding room located in room 611. You will need to have an idea or sketch in mind. Then the customer will check the final product before the order in cut out and completed. They can spray paint the product for additional cost, or bring in spray paint of choice. This can be done for the customer.

Tye Smith
A happy customer holding up his new key chain. The product has been delivered to the customer. Walker Pinson (12) said,”I am glad I bought my key chain from the welding program because I know that the money will go back into the program.”

Rob Story said, “The reason we started making signs and key chains is because this program is expensive and the custom signs and things are a good way to put back into the welding program and continue to provide the materials needed for the students.”