Basketball the start of the season!!


Erica Irby (9) gets ready to make another play, and takes a break from the previous play.

 On Saturday November 16, the Varsity Girls and Boys basketball team both played at ASU West campus against Dougherty High Trojans. The games were neutral non-conference games.Lee county conquered a great win with a score of 57-30. In the first quarter the Girl’s basketball team had 13 points while Doughtery only had 5.

The team soon began to believe that they Tondra Davis (faculty) said, “already was winning so they began to slack.” Teams often tend to begin to slack when there is a gap in the scores.

Erica Irby (10)  played a big role with putting up 17 points while being sick with a cold. The Lady Trojans fought long and hard against the opponent team. They conquered a win against Doughtery County.

The boys varsity team conquered a great game with a score of 68-63. The game was very intense, and close the entire game. In the first quarter Lee county was down the score was 18-14. Their defense began to slack but they still won the game. Towards the end of the game it began to get really intense when Dougherty was up by just one point. But we just could not lose against them.

The player of the game was Damien Favors (12).He averaged 13 points this game. 

Favors said, “it’s my senior year I want to remain humble, but I want to show out this season. Although it is my last year playing high school basketball.” Both teams have their expectations set high. Last season both teams go to the state play offs, so the expectations are extremely high this year. The Lady Trojans want to make the best of their opportunities.

The Boys team want to make the best out of their opportunities also. In this month December the Lady Trojans basketball team is going to Hoover, Alabama and Charleston , South Carolina. The team is going up there to play out of state teams to be extremely ready and have an abundant amount of practice before region time.

The boys basketball team is going to have a U-Save it Classic tournament to get ready for region time also. The season is early in but they want to be as prepared as possible. Both teams want to plan on winning the state championship and also being known as the region champs. Both teams want to advance as far as possible.