How to study and prepare for the SAT


Pictured here is a study guide for the SAT. Students taking the test may want to purchase a book to practice. Sydney Bryan, who is taking the upcoming SAT said, “I take practice quizzes every day to prepare for the SAT.”

Most people find it difficult to study when they have an upcoming test. This especially applies to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). With the test coming up very soon here are some tips to help you on the test and improve your study habits. 

Step 1. First up,  read up on the SAT information. Know where the test is being held, what is needed to do in order to sign up for the SAT, and how it is scored.

Step 2. Secondly, take your first practice test. These tests are almost identical to the actual test, so it will be very beneficial to take it. These tests can be found on the College Board website. While taking the test, be sure to take the test under the conditions during the actual test.

Hannah Stewart (10) said, “I take practice tests to prepare for the SAT.”

Step 3. Next,  score your practice exam after you complete it. Review the questions that were incorrect and figure out why they were answered incorrectly. Determine the strongest and weakest areas of the SAT questions. Focus on the weaker areas more when studying.  

Jeffrey Bryan (11) said,“ I study for the SAT by going through practice questions.” 

Step 4. Set a goal score for the expected test score. After taking the practice test, look at the score and set a reasonable goal for the actual test.

Step 5. Next, decide what tools are needed for preparing for the test. Tools that could be used for the test include, tutoring, SAT books, prep websites, Khan Academy, and testing apps. 

Step 6.Set a pattern of practicing every day for the upcoming test. Set a goal of 30 minutes to an hour a day to prepare for the test. 

Step 7. Take another practice exam after thoroughly reviewing and studying for the test. After taking it, you should see how the scores have (hopefully) improved.

Sydney Bryan (10) said, “I study for the online practice questions daily.”

Step 8. Adjust studying habits according to the most recent practice test scores. Review the scores from the tests that were taken and see if there are any noticeable patterns. Were the same questions wrong? Was there a pattern in the missed questions? Take all of these into consideration as the study habits adjust. 

Step 9. Keep taking practice tests and improving study habits. As more tests are taken and notice what is wrong , it should improve the overall test score. 

Step 10. (Last Step) Manage self-care. When the SAT gets closer, slow down how much you study. In the upcoming days for the test  completely stop studying because by then all that could be known is known so there is no need to stress that close to the test. Get a full 8 or more hours of sleep in the three days before the test. Also eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test, and prepare for what you need the day of the test.

After following these steps, the SAT should be aced and study habits should have improved for more tests in the future.