College applications: how to waive fees



Getting accepted to Valdosta State University is another milestone accomplishment for Ace Miller (12). However, the money used to apply could have been put to better use. “Waivers would save me 30 dollars every time I apply because I basically have to pay that much for every application,” Miller said. “I could have saved all that money for other college stuff.”

It has never been a secret that college is expensive.  One of the costs students and parents face in the early most stages is the cost to send in their application. Most students do not have a specific college or even a degree they have their heart set on.  This means students will send their applications to multiple colleges.  For some students, paying without a guaranteed acceptance to these schools can add up and become costly for their family.  Most colleges students want to attend require an application fee.  According to the website Edmit, the average cost of an application fee is 43 dollars, but can even come to 90 dollars.  This price can quickly accelerate when students apply to all the colleges they have on their list. For example, if a student applies to four colleges at the average price on Edmit of 43 dollars, their family would have spent 173 dollars on college application fees.

“I’ve heard of colleges making applying free,” Hunter Craft (10) said.  “If students are not able to make the payments or afford to even attend the college of their choice then this is a good way to find out how it would be affordable for underpaid students or undergraduates.”

The National Association for College Admission Counseling allows anyone eligible to fill out a form to any college dean or director of admission.  This document is a request for an admission application fee waiver.  Applicants would then send this form directly to the post-secondary institution or organization.  They even have a section where students can fill out economical needs.  More details and instructions to find out eligibility are located in their learn more section.

“It gives people more options so they can broaden their search for furthering their education,” Austin McCorkle (12) said.

These methods can potentially save money for parents and students. The money can be used elsewhere for other college necessities.  This also would help students apply to all colleges that are a potential interest without the constant worries of money issues.

Some students may even be eligible to apply to college for free using BigFuture’s College Application Fee Waiver.  Not every school accepts this application fee waiver, however BigFuture provides a tool to help find what colleges will.  The website also shows eligibility and what is needed to meet the requirements.

Students can make an appointment to visit with their guidance councilor for more help.