Teacher’s decorative doors


Overstreet’s door stands tall, fully decorated. Overstreet decorated her door for the Valdosta State Blazers. “I knew my door was going to win,” said Overstreet.

This week several colleges waived their admission fees and many seniors were given advice from counselors. As a way to bring more attention, teachers were encouraged to decorate their classroom doors here at the school to support their favorite college. They were given until Friday, November 22 to complete their doors for judging. The participants included Betty Suggs (Faculty), Savannah Kellett (Faculty), Amanda Overstreet (Faculty) and Mary Champion (Faculty).

The counselors acted as the judges for the competition and went around to observe the entries. Among the judges were Monica Gordon (Faculty), Ryan Tindell (Faculty) and Brandi Chester (Faculty).

Gordon said, “We judged the doors off of a few things, but creativity was important.”

The judging criteria included creativity, construction, attention to detail and the college representation. Bringing attention to the colleges waiving their application fees was a key part of the decorative doors.

“We decorated doors a few years ago and I won, so this year I decided to try and do something similar,” said Overstreet.

In the end Overstreet came out on top with her flaming hot Valdosta State University themed door.

Although there were not many entries, the participants had a strong urge to win.

Overstreet said, “When I saw how cute Mrs. Suggs’ door was I knew this year might be tough.”

Suggs said, “I did it because they needed people to participate and I thought it would be fun, and it only took a few hours.”

She also mentioned how she didn’t feel bad that she lost, only happy that she participated.

“Mrs. Overstreet and I are basically best friends. She kept sending her students to come tear down my door as a joke,” said Suggs.

The teachers competed against each other to win the best decorated door, but only one came out with a win.