2nd annual system wide technology fair


At the tech fair, students Jackson Carlstrom (12) and Carlin Garey (11) present their stop motion film. They spent weeks preparing, shooting and editing their film to appeal to the judges and show off their skill. Carlstrom said, "The process of film making has always been interesting to me, so the tech fair was really fun to see the process of film making."

The technology fair is a competitive event where students are presented an opportunity show off their technology skills. The competition had 16 different categories in which students could choose from, and make a project following the category rules to present to the judges. There was a variety of different unique categories for students like device modification, multimedia applications, and digital game applications. The competitors consisted of students from elementary school to high school. They could either make a unique project alone, or partner up and work together. It was this school system’s second year holding and participating in the tech fair.

First place winners, Jackson Carlstrom (12) and Carlin Garey (11) won in video production with a stop motion film.

“It took lots of editing and dedications and several thrown ideas: some good, some god awful. It took a week in total to finish, and we worked everyday. We worked hard last year, and even harder this year and it was well payed off,” Garey said. “We did a short film, and this year we focused more on stop motion film. It is more a bout the technology used to make the transitions and make the film come to life.”

One of the judges spoke about the contestants and their entrees, Haley Mims (Faculty) said, “I judged internet applications, animations and multimedia apps. I was very impressed by all of the products that were made. Even I learned a lot about several different web applications that was never familiar about before. All students elementary school to high school worked very hard and all were very talented.”

Hannah Elliott (12) and Georgia Miller (12) won first place in internet application by the website.

“It is very rewarding to present the site that our staff has worked really hard on, and representing a second time,” Miller said. “Last year, we made it as far as second place in the state competition, but we have learned a lot this year, and hoping to make first.”

The tech fair was an activity for students, but it was also a competition. All participants came with a different, unique skill and presentation.