Theatre across the country


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ITO Keith Peacock (12) basks in the limelight as plays the role of Harry Houdini in “The Last Illusion”. His successful theatre career here at the high school has helped him get where he is now. “I can’t wait to continue theatre when I go to college.” Peacock said.

This past summer, one student made history in not only the theatre department, but in southwest Georgia. Keith Peacock (12) was named as International Thespian Officer (ITO) for the state of Georgia, being the first one to come from Lee County. The purpose of his job is to promote theatre across the country and get the chance to speak with very well known actors and actresses, such as Bernadette Peters. This past weekend, Peacock traveled to Hollywood, California, this being his first major trip as ITO.

His trip to California consisted of him focusing on ideas on how to improve the theatre program here and how to help him personally as a rising actor. His position as ITO will be a year-long term until the next Georgia representative is appointed. He also acts as one of the Senior Thespian Officers for the state of Georgia and he is a big part of choosing who will represent Georgia next year.

Peacock has been involved with theatre since he was a child. He has become a huge part of the theatre program here at the school and vital person to the stage. Some of his most notable roles are Black Stache (Peter and the Star Catcher),  Aldolpho (Drowsy Chaperone), and The Giant (Big Fish). 

Peacock recently got to meet some well-known actors, such as Matthew Morrison.

“I talked to him about how he got to where he is now and about what his journey was like to get here,” Peacock said, “What impressed me most about what he said, was how he said it. You could tell that he absolutely loves what he does.”

Being ITO and a senior in high school is not the easiest task in the world, but Peacock is quickly adapting to this daunting task.

“It’s a lot to take in. I feel like I’m going to be missing a lot of my senior year, but I’m also getting to see the country and promote my passion, so who can really complain?” Peacock said.

This trip is the beginning of many for Peacock. His next trip will be to New Jersey on December 6th.