Prepping for exam week


Nicholas Natoli

Ashton Denning (10) finishes his World History study guide. The World History unit 5b test is approaching and Denning was working on his study guide. Denning said “studying is very helpful for me, it makes it easier to succeed in school.”

Midterm exams are coming up, and students are starting to get stressed about them. There is no reason to stress however, because if they study they should be fine. Studying will help students do well on the exam, and every student should have good study habits.

Shannon Glass (10) said “I don’t study because I do my best studying before the test.”

Studying right before the test helps students with short term memory retain the information better.

One good study habit to have is to study every night. If students study the material their teachers tell them to regularly, they are more likely to remember it.

Another good study habit to have is to make flashcards of their study material and turn it into a game. If students make a game out of studying they will remember having fun and will also remember the material.

Evelyn McCarthy (10) said “I use note cards to put important and main points for whatever I’m studying.”

Another way to study if that student enjoys reading is to highlight the important information, so when that student rereads it, it will stand out more.

Chloe Poole (11) said “When I study I hardly ever highlight the information, and it doesn’t really affect my studying.”

If students study very diligently, they should retain the information that they study. Also ask teachers what to study, as they may have some insight as to what is on the exam.

An important thing to do the morning before the exam it to eat a good breakfast. If students eat a well balanced breakfast, it should wake them up. Eating a good breakfast would also put students in a better mood, and could give them the confidence to ace the exam.

Another important thing to do the night before the exam is to get a good night rest. If students are not well rested they will be drowsy, and may not do as well on the test.

Remember that the exam is nothing more than an extended test. If students go in clear headed, with a full stomach, and a good nights rest, they should do just fine.

If students go into the exam well studied, a full stomach, and a good nights rest, then they should do well on the test. All it takes is the diligence to start studying, then they may just pass the exam.

The exam schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 12/17, (regular day): CTAE, Arts, Elective finals.

Wednesday 12/18, (block day): English and Math finals in the morning, Science and Social Studies review in the afternoon.

Thursday, 12/19 (block day): Science and Social Studies finals in the morning, Spanish review in the afternoon.

Friday, 12/20 (block day): Foreign Language and makeup finals in the morning.