Varsity swim team’s first meet


Submitted Photo

The swim team finishes their first meet with anticipation as they wait for the results. The team worked their hardest to produce the best results for their first meet. Carlin Garey (11) said “I feel like everyone tried their best to rack up some points for the team.”

The varsity swim team went to Thomasville on Wednesday, November 21 to compete against surrounding counties in their first meet of the season. Seniors spent the time enjoying their last first meet as high schoolers, while freshman were excited to experience their first swim meet. Overall, the team was ready to work hard and receive the best results to show how much their practice can pay off, and it definitely did with the team making third overall.

The senior class of 2020 enjoys their last first meet on the varsity swim team. Some students have been on the team since 6th grade, and have had so many memories formed. Rachel Tippins (12) said “My favorite part about being on the swim team is knowing that I have a group of friends who support me and will be there for me even when I doubt myself before an event. I would not trade these awesome friends for anything.”

The first swim meet of the season is used to set the standard for how the team will perform in the future for the rest of the season. This season is no different, with the swimmers and coaches anticipating the results. Swimmers who have been on the swim team for previous seasons are welcoming the new members and trying to get them accustomed to what it is like being on the varsity team. This can include teaching how to improve on different strokes or learn how the team bonds and gains such a close friendship with each other.

Madison Perry (11) said “The best part about this meet was that I got the chance to interact with new swim team members and now I am excited to try and teach them everything I have learned.”

After the meet ends, the team has their usual traditions that became a bonding experience for the team. Even though it is just eating at a fast food restaurant after the meet and choosing to ride the bus home with teammates, the team enjoys every moment of it.

Bailey Spivey (10) said “The bus ride home is super fun and I formed so many bonds I never thought I would have.”

Third overall was a great start to the season, and the meets ahead will show how hardworking this team is during practice and at the meets.