Lee county wins the Trojan war again


Georgia Miller

Wing Green (12) going on the offensive block to prevent LCA from tackling the ball carrier. He successfully kept the Eagle’s defense from taking down the Trojan. “We have worked all summer to get better at our jobs on the field and all this work will lead to the goal that we want to achieve,” Austin Beaver (12) said.

The Lee and Coffee Trojans have come together once again to play for a title, this time it is the region 6A title that determines how each team will continue in pursuit of the state championship. 

The captains take the field and Lee wins the coin toss elect to receive. The game is off to a fast start with not even two minutes in and Caleb McDowell (11) breaks away and carries the ball into the end zone for a touch down. This is followed by Austin Beaver’s (12) point-after-touchdown (PAT). Score is now 7-0 with 10:23 left in the first quarter.

Both teams work hard in their offensive and defensive efforts with neither gaining points for the next eight minutes. However, this streak is broken. Coffee is stopped on the play and proceeds to attempt a field goal. With 1:46 left on the clock Coffee gains those three points making the score 7-3 Lee leading.

The second quarter is relatively uneventful, in regards to major gains and plays, until the last two minutes. With 1:36 on the clock Coffee makes a fast break down the field with Lee unable to stop the player. He carries the ball into the end zone for a touchdown followed by a PAT. This makes the score 10-7 with Coffee leading with less than two minutes left in the first half. Lee County is not going to let that score stand though.

The Lee Trojans work their way down the field in one play and in the next McDowell runs the ball in for a touchdown followed by a PAT from Beaver. Going into half-time the score stands at 14-10, Lee county Trojans taking hold of the lead once again.

The halftime show provided by the Lee County Marching Trojans was extra special this week, especially for the seniors. While the show only lasted two minutes the senior gave a special performance of the dance from High School Musical to the hit song, “We’re All In This Together.”  The show was a success and set up the crowd to be even more excited than they were for the game’s second half.

“I was feeling so many emotions that night, but not sadness. I was happy to be there with my parents and I know I had their support. I wasn’t sad but reflecting on the years it took me to get where I am . The friends I made along the way and the select few I hope to stay in touch with after high school. But overall it was an event that had me smiling for at least two days afterward,” Victoria Crickmar (12) said.

In the third quarter James Hopson (12) catches the ball, passed by Kyle Toole (12) as he is going into the end zone, adding another touchdown and PAT to the scoreboard. Lee county now leads 21-10. It is not long though, before another touchdown is made in favor of the Lee County Trojans. Christian Frazier (12) makes the touchdown and Beaver follows it up with a PAT and the scoreboard reads 28-10. Before the end of the quarter Coffee makes another touchdown which is followed by a PAT. The score for the third quarter is 28-17 with the Lee Trojans leading.

Within the last quarter, McDowell makes his third touchdown of the game and it is followed by Beaver’s fifth PAT. 

The game versus Lee County’s biggest rival, the Coffee county Trojans ends with a score of 35-17. This makes Lee the 3 consecutive region champion.

Next week the Trojans will fight for another rung on the ladder to the state championship. The game will be at home and begin at 7:30 PM.