Fishing team


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Anglers for the fishing team holding their fish at the weigh in. Jay Henemyre (12) Henemyre (12) and Flint Davis (11) at the weigh in on their past tournament. Henemyre (12) said, ” We came in fourth and third back to back days.”

The fishing team is new to the athletic department. Next year they will be joining Georgia High School Association (GHSA) which is a sport association. This year the fishing team consisted of twelve members. Six being high schoolers and six being middle schoolers. They went to three fishing tournaments this season. Their first tournament was at West Point Lake in LaGrange, GA. Three out of five teams weighed in.

Jay Henemyre (12) and Flint Davis (11) placed twenty-first out of 200 high school boats with a weigh in of 4.69 pounds. Peyton Mathews (11) and Cameron Brown (11) placed fifty-first out of 200 high school boats with a weigh in of 2.90 pounds.

The second tournament the boys were at Lake Lanier, Henemyre and Davis weighed in at 8.3 pounds. Mathews and Brown weighed in 7.15 pounds. From their past two day tournament on November second and third,  Henemyre and Davis received 700 dollars worth in scholarship money. On the first day, Henemyre  and Davis placed fourth with 13.43 pounds receiving 140 dollars each. The second day however, they placed third with 16.79 pounds receiving 195 dollars each even after experienced difficulties. The fishing team even develops friendships and maturity.

Henemyre said, “Well being a senior I am expecting that Flint and I are the leaders of the team to the younger kids that are in middle school. That they look up to and learn more about fishing from us.” He explains how being a senior is like being a leader for the team because students who do not have as much experience look up to them. The team also develops goals and ambitions.

Davis said, “It is really just a great experience having the first fishing team in our school come to life this year and being apart of it is something special. I am looking forward to competing for state and hopefully making it to nationals.” He stated how he wants to compete for state and nationals. Having this goal set creates ambition for the rest of the season to be able to make it to state and/or nationals. 

“Each tournament will be a learning curve,” Brown said, “ We just have to keep up and do our research about each lake and what the weather will be like.”

Brown explained that being on the fishing team teaches you that each lake and area is always different and that you need to do research to be able to know how each lake is so that you know more about the fish at a certain lake. You also need to know about the weather that way you are prepared for anything that comes your way.