Georgia Miller

On Meme Day many participants dressed as the new mainstream trend: VSCO girl. Kyleigh Watson (10) is one of those participants and stated, No, I am not a VSCO girl. I don’t use the app, I dressed up as one because it was a quick, easy, and cute costume idea. I also don’t say ‘sksksks’ and ‘I oop.’ “

With VSCO girls becoming the latest trends, many people find themselves asking, “Am I a VSCO girl?” Only you know the real answer, but this quiz can help you get a basic understanding of what a stereotypical VSCO girl really is. Answer the following questions, and remember the points given for each answer.

Do you use the VSCO app?

Yes – 1 point

No – 0 Points

How often do you use a hydro-flask?

I never leave home without mine! – 2 points

Sometimes, if I remember to grab it – 1 point

What’s a hydroflask? – 0 points

Do you wear Scrunchies?

I have one for every outfit! – 1 point

No, they are out of style! – 0 points

Which do you say more: “hahaha” or “sksksksk?”

Hahaha- 0 points

Sksksk- 1 point

Do you wear overly large shirts?

Yes- 1 point

N0- 0 points

How often do you wear crocs?

Always, they are so comfortable – 2 points

When I feel lazy – 1 point

Never, they are so ugly – 0 points

Add up the points from your answers to get your score!

0-3 points: Not a VSCO girl              4-5 points: Kinda VSCO                 6-8 points: Total VSCO girl