New speed bumps in back lot


Tye Smith

slowing people down is what they do. The school put in new speed bumps to help slow down young drivers. Kathy Walker (administrator) said,"The department of transportation determines the height of the speed bumps."

Many students are having concerns about the recently installed speed bumps. Recent troubles have risen from this new addition.

Kelsie Rey (12) said, “It scratches the bottom of my car no matter how slow I go because of the ruts and potholes near the speed bumps.”

The speed bumps are scraping peoples precious cars. Really the scraping was caused by the potholes and worn down places in the road leading to and away from the parking lot. Seth Tomlinson (11) said, “My brother and I drive a truck to school so the speed bumps do not affect us as much as others.”

Rob Story (Faculty) said,The speed bumps scrape my car and also to access the handicap accessible spots you would have to drive over every bump and with my father-in-law his van scrapes on speed bumps because it is lower for wheelchair accessibility.”

Thankfully the administrators have come up with a solution. Karen Hancock (Faculty) said, “We are getting the potholes in all the parking lots filled.”

Although people are having problems they keep us safe. Grayson Tillery (12) said, “The speed bumps slow a bunch of people down which keeps us a little bit safer.”

Some people have seen people get hurt or have been hurt. Rey said, “I saw someone get sandwiched between two cars because someone was speeding out of the parking lot.”   

The students leaving in a rush were causing safety issues causing the school to put in speed bumps. It is not just when leaving school but also when people are late.

Arron Kennedy (11) said, “someone walking almost got hit by the cafeteria area because someone was flying into school trying not to be late.”

The speed bumps are productive in keeping students safer. Cameron Brown (11) said, “they prevent people from flooring it in and out and almost hitting people.”

Hancock said, “Safety is our primary purpose here in the building and out of the building. About 1300 students are coming in and out of the parking lots and it gets dangerous. So we gathered administrators, parents, law enforcement and students to make decisions about how to slow people down in the parking lot. So we placed the speed bumps strategically in locations that students tend to speed up in.”

So the idea was brought about by a group of leaders concerned for the safety of Lee County High School students and we are lucky to have them. An email that was sent to the faculty and staff stated information about the speed bumps informing that “The new speed bumps are lower than state guidelines and spread throughout the parking lot to create a more consistent speed for young drivers.”

The speed bumps passing the regulations come as a surprise to many. Though many cars are scraping the speed bumps they have been confirmed to be within height regulations. Laykin Bentley (12) said,”I think the speed bumps are within regulation height but that does not account for the potholes.”

This email also informed that the front Dual enrollment parking lot will have a gate that will be locked from 7:45AM-8:15AM and from 3:15PM-3:30PM to keep parents from flying through that part of the parking lot when people who walk are trying to leave.