Vaping becomes an issue on campus

Vaping becomes an issue on campus

Administrators have acknowledged the use of many students using e-cigarettes (e-cigs) on campus. 

“Last year after taking precautions, the system has found student twice a week using e-cigs in the restroom.” said Jodie Knight (Faculty).

The system first started following up on e-cigs after having to call the ambulance to the school after having multiple students go unconscious. After this occurred the administrators then noticed that students are not only using nicotine but are also adding THC inside this product.

“E-cigs were originally cigarettes substitutes” said Knight.

When e-cigs were created they were advertised for nicotine users to feel as if it was a safer alternative, but instead, “vaping delivers metal particles such as nickel, lead, and aluminum into the lungs.” according to The Real Cost.

The use of e-cigs can be very addictive. The faculty at the main campus found that e-cigs are just as dangerous as cigarettes.

“One juul can contain one pack of cigarettes” Knight.

Juuls can cause students to actually have a serious addiction to nicotine. The main concern here at Lee is that most students do not know what is inside the Juul pods. Students take the use of vaping just to have the cool kid status or under the influence of peer pressure, unlike with older students some really have an addiction to nicotine which causes them to have headache outbreaks in the middle of class.  

Administrators want to decrease the use of e-cigs, but instead the use of e-cigs tends to be increasing. Teens who use e-cigs tend to find others who use them and find ways to spread it. Although the instructions on an e-cig says that teens have to be 18 years or older to be able to use; many younger people will have either an older adult buy them or will ask a friend about having pods.. Many students who uses these products knows how harmful e-cigs can be towards the body.

“I think it’s an addiction once you start you can’t just stop. The hardest thing is to stop; it’s mainly mind over matter. Once your brain is hooked  to the nicotine it releases it to your brain and makes you crave it” said Anonymous student.

Students are aware that e-cigs are addictive so they find other ways to stop using them

“It’s not good at all, I started because of friends,” An anonymous student said.

“Everytime I begin to think about smoking it; I chew gum” said Anonymous student.

Faculty and staff here are working very hard to make sure students are safe and also that putting an end to e-cigs is possible.